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Food Stack 1.7

Food can stack up to 1000

  1. 1.7

    More mod support
  2. 1.6

    - Places food into the same slots that it occupied. Ascending order.
    - Better message in old Food stacker machine
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  3. 1.5

    Hotfix, resolves issues.
  4. 1.4

    - Patched more food from other mods
    - Food will no longer restack with the shortest time left. It will now use the average time. (10 + 1 = 5,5 instead of 1)
    - The Food stacker machine is disabled and will eventually be removed.
    - Interface button to trigger (re)stacking will appear on fridge containers
  5. Version rollback to 1.3

    Yeah, that was fast.
  6. 1.4

    New interface inside of fridges. At this time it does does not appear on container mods that change ui config.
  7. 1.3

    Full Avali & Frackin' Universe support
    Food Stacker machine is no longer scannable. This is to prevent errors when you uninstall the mod and open the 3d printer.

    If you have already scanned the machine and want or have uninstalled the the mod. There's 3 ways to resolve the issue.
    - Use a hex editor on your .player file. Search for "scannedObjects" and then for "foodstacker" (make sure it's below scannedObjects). Replace foodstacker with a vanilla object with the same length.
    - Admin command...
  8. Machine enforces max stack

    All food that's been stacked with the Food Stacker machine will have a max stack 1000 parameter set to it.
  9. Fixed issue with 16GBpasty

    Solved the issues with 16GBpasty.

    Windows doesn't differentiate between uppercase and lowercase filenames.
    16GB and16gb is the same on Windows but other operating systems do not see it as the same file, and neither does Starbound when in a .pak