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Outdated Food Processor Furious Blender

Tired of low crop yields? Use this.

  1. The Pussplum Update

    -Added Pussplum to grindable plants.
    -Can't believe people still use this.

    Guide for adding new fruits/veggies to the grinder:

    Under foodprocessor > recipes > foodprocessor there are a bunch of a files named x.RECIPE. Feel free to copy one of these in order to get a template.

      "input" : [
        { "item" : "pussplum", "count" : 1 }
      "output" : { "item" : "pussplumseed", "count" : 2 },
      "groups" : [ "foodprocessor", "all" ]
    All you need to do is replace "pussplum" with the name of the fruit in question and "pussplumseed" with the name of the seed (Usually just yseed, where y is the name of the new fruit/vegetable.). Then save your new file and rename it to "y.RECIPE". It should now be able to grind that new produce.
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