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Flower Gardening Glad Giraffe v. 1.3

Adds many decorative farmable flowers and potted flowers to the game.

  1. KateisLost
    This mod adds lots of planted and potted flowers for decoration. Most of the flowers are vanilla flowers that you see in many different biomes that have been re-purposed into plant-able/pot-able versions of themselves. There is a small and a large potted version of almost all of the plant-able flowers. Picked and Potted plants can be put on any place-able surface. Seeds of course must be grown on tilled soil.

    All flower seeds are bought at the Terramart for 10 pixels each.
    The Flowercrafting Station (which was custom made for this mod by greenRAM) is also available for purchase at the Terramart for 500 pixels.
    The potted plants(Large and Small) are all craftable at the Flowercrafting Station for the same type of flower and either a large or small empty pot.
    Large and small empty pots are also crafted at the Flowercrafting station for 5 and 2 clay respectively.

    An extra note for those who like to dye their armor, the Blue, Red, Yellow, and Spring flower seeds, along with the Blue, Red, and Yellow Tulip seeds all have a good chance of dropping a one or more petals of their respective color. (Spring flower seeds drop blue petals)

    A small taste of the flowers this mod adds.

    The dark pot with white stripes and vines is the Flowercrafting Station.

    This mod is a remake/update of mrboese's Flower Mod. Almost every piece of art work in this mod is from the original.

    However one great custom art work was made specially just for this mod by the very talented greenRAM. He graciously made an awesome looking custom crafting table(with custom descriptions even!!!!) just for this mod. Without him the crafting of almost everything in this updated version of the mod would have been a cluttered mess. Big thanks to him for his time and talent!!!!

    Link to the original mod:

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. A few fixes
  2. It LIVES!!!!!!
  3. Small update

Recent Reviews

  1. Charlatan
    Version: Glad Giraffe v. 1.3
    I had no idea you did this before, when I started my own mod.
    Sorry, I guess?
    1. KateisLost
      Author's Response
      Are you kidding? This is nothing compared to what you have created! I am a simple lover of plant based decorations in Starbound and this was an old mod I updated a while ago. Speaking of which I hopefully will be updating it for 1.1/1.2 soon.
  2. Utkudakid
    Version: Glad Giraffe v. 1.3
    omg i love you(not as in a crush or something)
  3. pcawesomeness1
    Version: UG v. 1.1
    Love it but update im eagerly awaiting btw GreenRAM is awesom at modding sama as sater from FrackinUniverse
  4. Ayamabuki
    Version: UG v. 1.1
    Thanks you very much.
  5. Markelius
    Version: UG v. 1.1
    Thank you for this! It plays wonderfully and fills a needed decoration void that I was craving for a while. Now all we need is bushes, heh!
  6. viora
    Version: UG v. 1.1
    this is so cool!Thanks so much.
  7. Petalwatch
    Version: UG v. 1.1
    Aggressively pink floran approved. There are an enormous amount of flowers to plant, love it!
  8. greenRAM
    Version: UG v. 1.1
    Thanks for resurrecting this! I loved all the old garden mods.
    1. KateisLost
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the great Flowercrafting Table!
  9. Hilerf
    Version: UG v. 1.0
    My garden like this!
    1. KateisLost
      Author's Response
      I hope most gardens will!