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Fliberdoodian Mod ALPHA 0.4

Become a once powerful race, that was thought to be extinct...

  1. Technology Rules!(Because that's the only way we can play this!)

    Added 3 new techs(2 different techs, 1 is an upgrade of the first tech added in this update):
    1. Omega Boost - Knocks near by enemies away.
    2. Omega Boost 2 - More powerful version of Burst Jump
    3. Speed Burst - A fast dash left or right.
  2. Look, Ma! I Can Play it Now!

    It took two days, but finally thanks to Pixelguru, we now have a playable version. (horay!) The mod works properly, and the lore included with the Fliberdoodians currently will see a major change in the future. However, I am kinda drawn to the story from Pixel...

    NOTE: The starter treasure pool has a high likelihood of not wanting to work.

    Things added:
    1. Playability
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  3. Crash Fix for 0.2.5 Alpha

    Yes, another one. Yes, this crash fix was easily fixed. Yes, I'm stupid for not testing these before I post them.
  4. Crash Fix for 0.2 Alpha

    Fixed a crashing problem that came with 0.2, so now you can actually play the game with it installed. (horay!)
  5. The Slightly Fixed Update

    This adds in a few fixes and other things.

    Added in UNPLAYABLE ALPHA 0.2:
    1. Fliberdoodian Name Generator(Two name parts, first tag and second tag, like first and last names)
    2. Having a small amount of character selection slots, without additional mod needed, so after ALPHA 0.2 a character slot adder will no longer be needed, as it currently is in 0.1(If you get it working).
    3. Tech Fliberdoodian Wall Blinking
    4. Custom Treasure set...