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Fishing Tuner Redux 1.3.1

Fine-tune your fishing experience.

  1. v1.3.0

    Added location-based configuration settings.

    LocationNames lets you set a list of names that a setting group will apply to. You can also apply them to a specific lake in the mines by using, e.g., UndergroundMine_20 (with 20 being whichever floor number you want to affect).

    BoundingBoxes allows you to control which area of the map is affected by the settings by setting the upper-left and lower-right coordinates of bounding boxes. If -1 is used for either portion a the lower-right coordinate, then the map's width or height, respectively, will be used. The coordinates can be separated by a comma (,), a vertical pipe (|), or either type of slash (/ or \), though for readability I used ,|, as the default separators.

    ExclusionBoxes allows you to define bounding boxes where the effects should not be applied. The -1 handling is not applied to them, though I can extend it to do so if requested.

    Settings works exactly like the other settings.
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