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Firefly's Big Box of Loot Collaboration! [Upbeat Giraffe] 3.6

Loot to help you become your favorite Firefly characters.

  1. Statues!

    This update:
    • Tiered weapons unlocked as you unlock new tech.
    • The Lassiter, for every trophy room.
    • Town Hero Statue, scaled to Jayne's ego.
    Out in the wild, some Apex seem to have found some human tech! Perhaps Jayne dropped the Lassiter on the way out? Who knows, but here is the result!
    (Disclaimer: Staged picture, though the Apex seemed to like the statue!)

    I'll be spending the rest of the day play-testing, since some people have...
  2. Push to the finish!

    In this update:
    • Jayne's outfit (aka Mercenary set)
    • Simon's outfit (aka Smart set)
    • Zoe's outfit (aka Warrior set)
    • Book's hair (as a vanity hat)
    • Mal's Bonnet
    • Bloodied the Reaver weapons.
  3. Guns and River oh my!

    In this update, we have:
    • Iimproved Inara's dress (it was supposed to have partial sleeves to begin with, but I couldn't figure them out until FoolsPower sent Kaylee's fluffy dress my way)
    • Introduced Mal's pistol (aka Captain's Pistol)
    • Introduced Zoe's rifle (aka Emergency Rifle)
    • Introduced River's stick gun (aka Strange Stick)
    • Introduced River's dress as gleaned from the end of the movie.
    • Introduced Reaver Sword
    • Introduced Reaver Axe
    • Updated Parasol description...
  4. You're gonna come with us.

    Kaylee's pulled out all the stops to attract some passengers.

  5. A Cunning Hat

    Yes, sleep and some coffee had me facepalming this morning and everyone's favorite hat functional. Of course, Jayne insisted on having Vera back.


    Gives a bit of cold resist, too, because mothers' worry.
  6. My Very Favorite Gun

    Vera is polished and ready to take out on the town! Unfortunately, Jayne isn't available to model it, hat malfunction, so Inara volunteered.

    There are 5 versions of Vera so you can polish her up as you explore the 'verse. I hope you don't mind that they are all viewable at tier 1, should save some annoyance for those who would have to re-unlock the tiers. First one is on the anvil, then the rest are on the metalwork station.

    You get Banged Up Vera, made from...