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Firefly's Big Box of Loot Collaboration! [Upbeat Giraffe] 3.6

Loot to help you become your favorite Firefly characters.

  1. 1.3 misc fixes

    As near as I can tell, 1.3 didn't break anything. A few costume pieces were acting weird on my avian, so I fixed them so they look right again. I finally fixed the Zoe spawner so it doesn't need background tiles (sorry I kept forgetting!). The weapon damage doesn't seem too far off base game weapons, but I did fix the guns so the shooting animation looks like they are actually coming from the barrel instead of slightly off.

    As usual, let me know if you find something that needs some TLC of...
  2. 1.0 and the return of the spawners!

    I had to almost completely redo the coding of the Craft It and the spawners, but everything is working! :D

    The gun's bullets don't look quite right, and the damage is guaranteed to be perfectly scales to tier, but they are close and compared to all the other stuff, I will look at them again later. I've been working on this almost without a break all weekend, time to collapse! (once I add it to the steam workshop as well...always something else to do! lol)
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  3. Done with Dye-ing!

    Okay, sorry for the update spam. I didn't realize how simple it was going to be for most of the clothing/tupes to be made Dye-able. I should be done updating unless I happen upon a glaring error or someone helps fix the spawners. Enjoy!

    (The only clothing not dye-able now is the Parasol, Jayne's Ugly Hat, and Wash's Hawaiian shirt. I'm not planning to change that unless I get a whole lot more energy then I have atm. Those would be very complicated to do.)
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  4. Dye-able Tupes!

    Just got the tupes dye-able. No promises on how good they will look, since I didn't adjust the colors they dye to, just made sure their default setting is what was there before. So if it looks horrible, just use a dye remover (I think). I will probably mess with the hair colors to make them better later if they turn out horribly garish. =p

    I basically just made sure the game ran properly, no in game testing this time, so be sure to message me if something goes horribly wrong! lol.

    (Let me...
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  5. Dye update and spawner removal

    Spawners broke again, so I removed the recipe. If anyone is good at coding and wants to take a look/fix them, please do and let me know!

    The main reason for the update is that I made most of the things dye-able. I haven't touched the hair (except Book's Einstein-style hair), let me know if you want me to make those dye-able as well. I'm not completely happy with Kaylee's Fluffy dress, I think cutting back on the colors I messed up the look. Cutting back I still had to keep 10 shades colors...
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  6. Parasol file renamed

    Just fixed the parasol to have a unique name. Going to look into if things are dyeable/how to make them so. No promises! =p
  7. Woops

    I re-added the recipes but forgot to re-add them to the player.config.patch file. I must have been able to test them because my character knew them from before. *sigh* Sorry it took so long to straighten out, RL has me pulled in a million directions right now and unfortunately Starbound isn't one of them.
  8. Return of the Spawners!

    A big thanks to for Ruban Crusade fixing the spawners! Recipes have been returned, so use the Fireflycraftit to make spawners. A reminder that Simon and Book are not just fun to have running around, they also sell things! Enjoy!
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  9. Fixed the Craftit

    Thanks to ShadoRoboto for pointing out not only that something wasn't working, but the fix for it, the craftit is functioning again. I pulled the spawner recipes since those are still not working, both Deadsquirrel and I have real life pulling us away from modding. I tossed the other mods I had worked on to the obsolete pile, but the majority of this mod is simple enough to keep working. The weapons are definitely not balanced to the new system, not sure which way it is skewed, they might...
  10. Upbeat Giraffe (mostly) compatible

    Almost everything is functional again.
    I might have to edit some of the outfits, I noticed when testing that at least one of the pants is off by a few pixels. They are also all strictly cosmetic, the status system was changed and I haven't figured it out yet. The main thing is that the spacesuit doesn't offer an airbubble (tech replaces that anyway). I reduced the cost of all the costume pieces to reflect that.
    I disabled the spawners for now, I got them to be craftable, but they don't...
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