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Firefly's Big Box of Loot Collaboration! [Upbeat Giraffe] 3.6

Loot to help you become your favorite Firefly characters.

  1. Upbeat Giraffe (mostly) compatible

    Almost everything is functional again.
    I might have to edit some of the outfits, I noticed when testing that at least one of the pants is off by a few pixels. They are also all strictly cosmetic, the status system was changed and I haven't figured it out yet. The main thing is that the spacesuit doesn't offer an airbubble (tech replaces that anyway). I reduced the cost of all the costume pieces to reflect that.
    I disabled the spawners for now, I got them to be craftable, but they don't seem to be working other then as furniture. I'll message Deadsquirrel about fixing them, I don't know how to make them work myself.
    I did rebalance the weapons properly, I think. I based them off the existing craftables.

    Let me know specifics if you find outfit pieces that are off or anything doesn't work right. The spawners are still in the folder, if anyone wants to look and see what is wrong with them and let me know, I can get them active again. Thanks for you patience everyone, and enjoy the stable update!
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