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Firefly's Big Box of Loot Collaboration! [Upbeat Giraffe] 3.6

Loot to help you become your favorite Firefly characters.

  1. kittentamer
    To install with 1.0, download to your Starbound\mods directory!

    DeadSquirrel started this off, and I ran with it. FoolsPower made the version of Mal's Browncoat included, and I modified what he started on Kaylee's floofy dress. We have been steamrolling since, SpectreOne made a version of Wash's Hawaiian shirt and DeadSquirrel was so awesome as to make spawners for us all to populate our Firefly, and
    Ruban Crusade fixed them so that work with Spirited Giraffe.
    I just got them working again! Yay!


    I tried to get a full group shot, but they immediately started running around. Most of them gathered in the cockpit, I'm guessing to listen to a juicy transmission. Book and Simon stayed in the hold to talk shop and Inara got lost in the engine room. I'm highly impressed. Send 100% of your appreciation for the spawners to DeadSquirrel and Ruban Crusade. They are awesome!
    Disclaimer: River has a 1/10 chance to spawn as "Miranda" River and start attacking indiscriminantly. This can cause death of other characters/interesting interactions where others kill her.
    Green = done (Though alternate versions are still welcome)
    Yellow = under construction (someone's working on this, but it's not done yet)
    Grey = yet to be made, feel free to submit!

    Non-character specific:
    • Lassiter (furniture item) (Kittentamer)
    • Spacesuits (Kittentamer)
    • Kitchen Table
    • Mismatched chairs
    • Lounge couch
    Jayne Cobb:
    • Jayne Hat (Dead Squirrel)
    • Jayne shirt/pants (Kittentamer)
    • Vera - Jayne's very favoritest gun (Kittentamer)
    • Jaynestown statue (Kittentamer)
    Cpt. Malcolm Ryenolds:
    • Hair - tupe, for non-humans (Dead Squirrel)
    • Browncoat outfit (FoolsPower)
    • Suspender outfit - no coat (Kittentamer)
    • Mal's Pistol (Kittentamer)
    • Bonnet (Kittentamer)
    Zoe Washburne:
    • Sawn-off Shotgun (Kittentamer)
    Hoban "Wash" Washburne:
    Inara Serra:
    • Dress (Kittentamer)
    Kaylee Frye:
    • Mechanic outfit (Kittentamer)
    • Fluffy dress - "You look like a sheep on your hind legs ... " (FoolsPower and Kittentamer)
    • Umbrella (Backpack item?) (Ifrix)
    Simon Tam:
    • Smart outfit (Kittentamer)
    River Tam:
    • "Stick" gun (Kittentamer)
    • Dual Axes (Kittentamer)
    • Serenity finale dress (Kittentamer)
    Derrial "Shepherd" Book:
    • "Critical mass" hair (Kittentamer)
    • Shepherd outfit (Dead Squirrel)
    • Armor (Kittentamer)
    • Sword
    Bounty Hunter
    • Armor (Kittentamer)


    To use, delete any old versions, unzip the file to your mod folder and boot up Starbound! Look on your inventor's table or the Tabula Rasa, make the Big Box of Loot, and voila! All your firefly needs at your fingertips! If you have a pre-Dec 23rd character, you might have to pick up and put back down the crafting table. At worst, try remaking the MK2 upgrade. If it still doesn't work...let us know!

    If you have something you want added, or want to help make something, post on this thread: http://community.playstarbound.com/...serenity-big-box-of-loot-collaboration.61674/

    I am calling this done! There will be minor updates here and there, but the bulk is done and with the final wipe coming up, I'm looking forward to playing rather then coding/spriting! Thanks for all the support and likes, it really helped get things done. ^^

    Don't forget to check out the ship that inspired it all, DeadSquirrel's Firefly
    Also, another great Firefly by Ifrix (sorry I was so late adding you. o.o)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. kain the novakid
    kain the novakid
    Version: 3.4
    this mod is good and makes me want to watch the show
  2. foghorn
    Version: 3.4
    Thank you for the update. I missed 'Fruity Oaty Bar' River. Piloting Serenity with the crew again in Glad Giraffe is great :)
  3. Lupus Alifer
    Lupus Alifer
    Version: 3.0
    +1 star when it's finished and +2 stars when brown people are more brown!
    1. kittentamer
      Author's Response
      The spawners are broken atm anyway, but I think the skin color is a variable and those are difficult to change. I remember when they were working on it they had issues even getting it to only spawn humans let alone restricting the spawned skin colors, hence all the tupes being made so they at least had the right hair. I remember a comment about river spawning as a male apex (with her clothes) particularly disturbing the person working on those. =p
  4. Ruban Crusade
    Ruban Crusade
    Version: 2.9
    So much fun to have the whole crew running around!
  5. thatguy110
    Version: 2.8
    fun mod indeed
  6. InfinityGaming
    Version: 2.8
    Awesome mod that truly makes your Starbound experience feel like firefly. One thing I would change though is that Mal's pistol is called a Liberty Hammer, and was the Browncoat Officer's sidearm. Just saying.
    1. kittentamer
      Author's Response
      Heh, I did a few searches and nothing official showed up as to what his pistol was called. The only conjecture name for I found (at a couple of sites) is "Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B". Feel free to post more info on the discussion thread. =)
  7. Greenka
    Version: 2.8
    Oh you! Firefly!
  8. Falkinot
    Version: 2.6
    I'm a huge fan of the series i love dead squirrels firefly and this epic mod
  9. Souzuke-Sagara
    Version: 2.6
    Please Updated for Enraged Koala pleeeeease :(
    1. kittentamer
      Author's Response
      It is working fine with my system with Enraged Koala. It might not work with nightly builds, or might be having issues with another mod?
  10. Blasterspewpew
    Version: 2.6