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Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Fusion Sword 0.3 (WIP)

That awesome set of modular swords from the Final Fantasy movie

  1. Finished Blade Beam custom ability

    Changed Fusion V4's alt ability
    -now uses energyswoosh sprite
    -made custom ability files
    -now travels farther
    -changed the damage and energy costs (still needs balancing)

    As always - delete old version, copy new version into your mods folder.

    Just updated the sprites to Guilmonex's newest edits.

    Balancing still a wip, will be updated soon

    As always, feedback is appreciated, and don't forget to delete the old mod when you install the update. The filenames are different and they'll conflict, but it makes it easier to go back and look through older versions if I mess something up horribly so bear with me.
  3. Added some things and changed some things

    First Update - Minor Edits/Additions
    • Changed the name from Buster Sword to Fusion sword. Might actually add in Cloud's (Zach's((Angeal's)) original Buster sword later anyway. Might rename the first base sword to First Tsurugi but since all the parts after that technically don't have names and I need them to have names for coding purposes etc. I'll have to figure that...
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