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Outdated Fight For Universe: Per Aspera Ad Astra 0.055

Modular Starship Construction System & More Planned

  1. Version 0.039: Minor Bugfix

    • Fixed Advanced Mining Modulator, now it doesn't causes crashes when used.
  2. Version 0.038 Released!

    • Minor update to make bottom hull art a little bit more distinctive from top hull art.
  3. Version 0.037 Released!

    • Now all spaceship related parts, materials and some objects can be built only in Spaceship Modulator.
    • All spaceship parts got recipes and unique intuitive icons to understand where "this" part should be placed.
    • No more cheater's start, where you own all spaceship parts in huge quantities.
    • Added special Prism Glass for spaceships for sake of role-play.
    • Fixed engine animation, now it plays correctly during hyperspace travel.
    • Fuel Rods give serious amount of fuel...
  4. Version 0.031 Released!

    • Compatibility with "Beta v. Offended Koala" implemented.
    • Now mod loading system implemented, no need for "bootstrap.config" anymore.
    • Implemented new font, which will be more suitable for highly detailed interface.
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  5. Version 0.03 Released!

    • Implemented mod loading via bootstrap.config.
    • Now 3D Printer and Tech Console are two different objects.
    • Added "Spaceship Modulator" crafting station. Recipes still not implemented.

    13/12/2013: 0.02
    • All basic parts added. Now player can give almost any shape to starship.
    • Only Human variant color so far. Other will be done later.
    • Still no decorative and/or interactive starship parts present.
    • Modular Starship Construction System completely integrated....
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