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[FFS]Feast of Fire and Smoke 2.0hotfix6

Last generation of gunshop/gunners mod

  1. FFSmodV200hotfix4

    (KST)2020.04.06 - V2.0 hotfix 3 :
    + Radiomessage fix
    + Mortar cultist is changed to Mortar Team cultists.
    -Sprite : Shielder + Crew
    -Spawn after dead : Shielder + Assaulter
    -Adding animation for firing
    -Increase Size of Hit box
    + Spacegun booster speed will be slightly increased.
    + Remove detached Fresh & Strong plants from field.
    + Block the way of few climber who oftenly going to edge of map.
    (I setting up dam999999 traps there.)
    + Slightly fast npc chatting speed.
    + Slightly reduce npc chatting delay
    + Added Integrated Mind portrait
    + Added Red line to enemy portrait
    (KST)2020.04.06 - V2.0 hotfix 4 :
    +House defense revamp (before meeting Anna)
    +Episode 2 reward 1,000,000$ -> 50,000$
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