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Support mod for custom items with some roleplay features

  1. v1.1.7.1 update

    v1.1.7.1: Changelog for this update:
    • [NEW] Added support for multiplication (*) and division (/) as dice modifiers. Decimals are accepted in the modifier, but decimal dust is shaved off after the operation.
    • [BUGFIX] Single-digit dice modifiers now correctly modify implicit d6's, i.e., where the number of sides isn't explicitly specified. E.g., 3d+2 is now correctly parsed as 3d6+2 rather than 3d6+0.
  2. v1.1.7 update

    v1.1.7: Changelog for this update:

    • Added a night vision shader effect when "nightVision" is active; this shader effect requires xSB-2 v2.2+.
    • Added a shader effect to "shadowVision"; this shader effect requires xSB-2 v2.2+.
    • Added a "darkNightVision" stat which works like "nightVision", but doesn't make the player give off "light"; the shader effect requires...
  3. v1.1.6.2

    v1.1.6.2: Changelog for this bugfix update:

    • Fixed a bug where NPCs could not use weapons or shields and would spam the log with errors in single-player (or on a server with FezzedTech installed) whenever they attempted to use them.
  4. v1.1.6.1 update

    v1.1.6.1: Changelog for this minor update:

    • Fixed a bug where players with the "mertail" stat did not have the intended sitting pose.
    • Fixed another bug preventing other mod scripts from using player.setOverrideState (by "clobbering" it) even when FezzedTech's movement/animation code is disabled.
    • Got rid of the kludgy JSON string comparisons under the hood. This might be considered a speed optimization by the nerds among you, but really, I just...
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  5. v1.1.6 update

    This mod includes scripts and tech that allow the use of my custom items as intended. For non-Steam downloads, see the releases, and for /spawnitem commands, see the Discord server.

    Some features of this mod require xSB-2 xClient, OpenStarbound, StarExtensions 1.9.11+, or starlight v1.0+:

    - xSB-2 is available...
  6. v1.1.5 update

    v1.1.5: Changelog for this small update:
    • FezzedTech now supports starlight, the new Chinese Starbound client! See the mod description for the download link. Also cleaned up the client-detecting code under the hood.
  7. v1.1.4.4 update

    v1.1.4.4: Changelog for this small update:
    • Players with the "fezTech", "shadowRun" or "parkourThrusters" stats (and the FezzedTech parkour tech equipped) can now jump off walls, instead of barely clawing at them, without needing to hold the Walk key (normally Left Shift).
  8. v1.1.4.3 update

    v1.1.4.3: Changelog for this small update:
    • Fixed a bug where a player's "imagePath" might be set to "nil" (a string) instead of removed. This bug can cause incompatibilities with other mods and scripts that modify a character's "bodyDirectives".
  9. v1.1.4.2 update

    v1.1.4.2: Changelog for this small update:
    • "fireworks" now works for legged characters.
    • "largePotted" characters can now crawl. Add "gettingOverIt" to suppress crawling.
  10. v1.1.4.1

    v1.1.4.1: Changelog for this bugfix update:
    • Fixed a bug where players with "isLame" would periodically stand up while crouching.