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FezzedTech 1.3.1

Support mod for custom items with some roleplay features

  1. v1.1.8 update

    v1.1.8: Changelog for this update:
    • [NEW] If using xSB-2, inspection messages (the ones you get from the scanning or inspection tool) are now also displayed in the chat log, along with the name of any inspected player or NPC (only with the scanning tool, but this will be fixed in a future version of xSB-2). This feature requires xSB-2 v2.3.4.1+.
    • [CHANGE] Reformatted most Lua scripts in the mod.
    • [BUGFIX] Flying players should no longer be blown about by the wind while underground on a planet with a windy surface.
    • [BUGFIX] Fixed a minor bug in the poser script that can potentially prevent the player's idle pose from showing when it should.
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