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Outdated Ferengi V.2.2

Ferengi Race From Star Trek

  1. Update for current version

  2. Patchfix

  3. Fixed Quest Bug

    Fixed Quest Bug not allowing you to proceed sorry you have to remake your NEW characters good thing its rather new in the process
  4. Patch Fix + Fix of vaults

    patch Fix and now Vaults are normal sized till i get them back to small
    + Traditional Ferengi Feemale Clothes were added to cc ...sorry no detail tried to keep it as barbie as i could for the kiddies and so i can still keep it here...but for some reason theyre not showing in mine if they are good if not then ill fix
  5. Link Fix Round 2

    Ima Dumb
  6. Link Update

    Link Update
  7. Ship Update

    Ship Update i think it looks more unique. I Might try my hand at the larger class as an addon maybe but i dunno
  8. Added Starter Quests,Weapon and Hidden Wall/Floor Vaults

    Starter Quest line
    Grand Nagus Knockoff Starter Staff
    Hidden Wall Vault
    Hidden Floor Vault
  9. Added Rules, Tube Grubs, Ship Changes

    Added Rules, Tube Grubs, Ship Changes , Male and Feemale creation pictures are accurate aswell
  10. changed lobes a lil bit

    Male Lobes are bigger and better for business then the FEEmales