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Felins 3.9.1

Catgirls in Space!

  1. To tide you over

    Hylotl placeholder armor, start of a village overhaul... Check the wiki for the latest data, and the project thread for some more info.
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  2. Go the f*ck to sleep!

    As narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

    Srsly though, data type safety is your friend.
  3. Furious Felin

    You expected a better pun? Too bad!

    Not much has changed, except for the obligatory Furious Koala compatibility once-over. This should work as expected. If it does, enjoy.
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  4. It's a free market, Charlie Brown

    Added vendors and removed the double modinfo that snuck in.
  5. Minor village fix

    Treehouse base was too narrow to fit certain combinations of middle blocks together. I've widened it in hopes that'll help.

    In other news, I decided to just make my own village guard NPC type to solve the problem of warnings not being compatible with __merge.
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  6. Slight mistake in quest

    I tried to make passing Fresh Meat require both the matter manipulator and katar, but it didn't work out and made the quest unpassable.

    This has been reverted so you only need the matter manipulator, like usual.

    In other news, the Avian object set, farmables, and boss lures all have custom descriptions now and these extensions are getting so big I'm considering to split them out into a separate mod that depends on this one.
  7. Minor mistake fix

    Left a hundred blocks of carpet in the shiplocker. They were there for testing.
  8. Settlements, carpets, and things that go doink OH MY!

    New features in this update:
    Settlements, two minor version numbers early!
    Prostitutes, oh my! But don't worry they can't touch you!
    Carpets, as suggested by SpaceKGreen!
    Custom descriptions for all the vanilla Apex objects, and more to come!
    More clothes, including tier1 armor!
    A katar!
    Industrialization support, maybe?

    Enjoy, and remember: suggestions go in the other thread!
  9. ANGER!

    Now fully Angry Koala compatible!

    This release adds a custom respawn, more custom items, and NPC responses for Apex, Human, Floran, and Felin. Felin villages will come in the 3.0 release.

    Use the Xbawks Character Creator mod or Xander Kau's...
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