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Felins 3.9.1

Catgirls in Space!

  1. Bobcat in the mirror

    Download link points to my server by IP cos the domain still borken.

    • Added Pawhammer and Clawhammer, art by SpaceKGreen.
    • Added Tier 2 "Bobcat" Armor.
    • Added Felin variants for various cabinets.
    • Recolored doors to match bed, bench, and new cabinets.
    • Fixed half-leg jeans.
    • Added vanity mirrors, idea by Letrune.
    • Added dreadlocks, suggested by Corrigane.
    • Added a plush doll, idea by Letrune.
    • Finished descriptions for all otherwise-finished...
  2. Hop in, loser. We're gonna buzz some chickens.

    • Reduced chance and amount of red stims and codices in treasurepools.
    • Added a bike shed (with bike) and a sneaky surprise inside.
    • Added descriptions to all the posters.
    • Fixed one of the doors in the bungalow.
    • Added Cosplay Cat Ears and Cosplay Cat Tail items for non-Felin players.
    • Added a particular trash can, with contents.
    • NPC responses for Khajiit and Avali.
    • Fixed Comforter NPC responses.
    As always, it'd be preferred to use...
  3. I -can- make changelogs!

    I'll prove it to you, too!
    • Added a decorative banner to the Lodge and Marketplace.
    • Added a smaller TV set, replacing most larger TVs.
    • Added some grass and uneven terrain to villages.
    • Fixed offset of platters.
    • Fixed the Frisky Felin Hologram; it can face right now, as intended.
    • Fixed weapon recipes.
    • Replaced the third Felin house with a bungalow.
  4. Broken Sword... well, dagger?

    That's what you get for not testing. The Katar, being held a different way than the usual daggers, looked real weird. It's either directional but not held like a katar (the blade pointing straight away from the wrist like a single Wolverine claw or something), or nondirectional. The choice is yours, but until then it's the former option.

    Please, feel free to reply with your opinion.

    Note: the part where the back arm looks weird when using a directional weapon is known to the devs, in case...
  5. All Directions

    All the weapons now have the appropriate directional attribute. Some other things might also have changed but I don't remember.
  6. The Village Overhaul Update

    Temporarily hosted on my own server; the uploader is being problematic.

    New stuff in this update:
    • Several tiers of broadswords and shortswords
    • A village overhaul
    • A brand new car!
    Basically, it now matches the wiki. Well, as far as I can tell.
  7. Comma errors can enrage like the best of them.

    Don't deny it.
  8. Minor content update

    Chucklefish aren't the only ones who can make this mistake. Placeholder armors are now craftable, blueprints are buyable, and the new dress too.
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  9. Quick Enraged update

    Adds Enraged compatibility, (mostly just renamed planetgen.config to worldgen.config lol) some lore, a new dress, and some minor censoring. And a bunch of posters that you can't find yet because I'm still in the middle of the village overhaul but whatever.

    Also removed the NPC name hack because that's standard now.
  10. Treasurepool fix

    Nothing serious, folks.
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