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Felins 3.9.1

Catgirls in Space!

  1. Callipygian Caracal

    3.6 - Callipygian Caracal aka Steamy Serval
    * Fixed half-legged jeans by making them dyeable.
    * Updated tenant data.
    * Cat Corvette is now a vehicle, could use some tweaking.
    * Updated TentaChews and added Tentacle Grape (yes).
    * Removed racial weapons to match vanilla -- I have 'em in an archive for later.
    * Added an activeitem version of the Katar weapon, and a whip that's mostly for RP.
    * Updated various other things to match Nightly.
    * Added support for Silverfeelin's wardrobe mod.
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  2. BaseMultiplier fix

    Latest Unstable changed something in armor stats. Here's a quick update.
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  3. Well shit, couldn't get a 'G' pun in time.

    If you have anything to report, do so in the thread, not the reviews section. Bug reports and help requests in the reviews section will be removed.

    I'll of course continue to work on this without constant official updates, so if there's anything completely wrong about this, I may sneak in a replacement copy.

    Changes for this version:
    • Added comforter-specific statuses that I'm not sure are hooked up right.
    • Fixed ship cockpit door not being removable. Thanks to BloodyRain2k for...
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  4. 3.5.5 - Pleased Pussy

    Well, it's another Unstable update, so here's another Felin update to go with it.

    If anything's wrong, and noone else has brought it up before (that means you read before you post), I'll upload a fixed copy as I'm wont to do. Any such bug reports placed on the Reviews section will be ignored and removed as the Reviews section is NOT the place for that.

    Changelog for this update
    • Fixed sound reference for Sword of Omens, thanks to CaptFabulous for...
  5. 3.5.4 - Slinky Cheetah

    • Add spy catsuit.
    • Added pillows, to supplement the beanbag chairs. Thanks to RyuujinZERO for letting me use his.
    • Added custom techstation and shiplocker.
    • Played Katamari with the objects folder.
    • Made the carpet less eye-burning.
    • ????????.???
    • Accidentally the whole damn mods folder, including muh changelogs!
    • Attempted to add underground encounter, no idea if it works.
    • Added tentacle pet.
    • De-weirded most of the capitalization in the codices and...
  6. Potatopotatopotato

    Version 3.5.3 changes includes all the stuff in the hotpatches and more:
    • Fixed gun stats.
    • Added the Tier5 Research Station to the ship. Thanks to AmandaC for bringing it up.
    • Added missing lines from felin villagers to floran and hylotl players, tweaked other lines.
    • Fixed hazard blocks in ships.
    • Tweaked SAIL sprites.
    • Fixed TentaChews(TM).
    • Replaced hylotl monk set with felin crafter set.
    • Removed extraneous color data from costumes.
    • Added a corset for the...
  7. Grunt noises.

    That is all.
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  8. Dood!

    * Redid the posters, added some more.
    * Made the lava lamp, bench, ledge that the lamp's on, and the ship's lights not respawn when upgrading the ship. @metadept has been informed.
    * Fixed armor and weapon tooltips.
    * Fixed quest triggers for armors.
    * Added AI text for missions 3 and 4. Thanks to @MinPrinny for bringing those three things up.
    * Rewrote the graffiti in felinese like the posters and TV are.
  9. Unstable Giraffe Update

    3.5.0 - the Giraffe Update
    * Added more armor, including some suggestions regarding bared midriffs from Letrune.
    * Added more graffiti, taken from authentic Pompeii samples.
    * Added a felin-specific light source.
    * Added a felin console.
    * Made the computer work as a switch.
    * Added the Fuzzy Sweater to the male options in the Character Creator, requested by xXRainbowHugzXx.
    * Added another plush doll -- a little Letrune.
    * Added species-specific gender icons.
    * Added source music to the...
  10. Showdown at the Chuckle Corral

    Changelog for 3.3.5
    • Added the Wildcat plasma pistol for guards, rifle variant for captains.
    • Fixed recipe for mirrors, noticed by Letrune.
    • Added more hair choices for males, suggested by PorkBellyMon.
    • Shrunk down the sprite sheets in \humanoid\felins. Because you can do that.
    • Added a new custom instrument -- the Laser Lyre, suggested by ECC.
    • Fixed droppools...
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