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Felins 3.7

Catgirls in Space!

  1. And I say HEY!

    Changelog for this version:
    • Fixed missing spaces in descriptions ("Apexculture"?)
    • Added novakid descriptions.
    • Rewrote megazordposter descriptions -- it's Sun Vulcan Robo, not Daizyujin!
    • Removed color variants from containers and loungeables with troublesome sitCoverImages.
    • Added cellphone item -- can translate felin writing and change channels on TVs and holohookers.
    • As such, added various channels to the [FONT=Courier...[/LIST]
  2. Ribbit.

    • Added mech starter body info so you start with a Laenathin 0 instead of a Venturer-00.
    • Added randomly encountered felin spaceships.
    • Added the upgraded mech body quest reward. Thanks to Deatrathias for bringing that up.
    • Added a fist tag to the katar for frackin' reasons.
    • Added almost all non-craftable, non-poster objects to Frögg Furnishing's lineup.
    • Tweaked icons and a few prices because of the above.
    • Removed retainObjectParametersInItem from cabinets to prevent...
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  3. Spacefarer Update

    • Recategorized the platters, by Carbon Fang's request.
    • Tweaked laser lyre sprites.
    • Fixed error in questpool data, thanks to GeO2.
    • SB 1.3 compatibility upgrades.
    • Added felin mech bodies.
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  4. Pruimi Pralchir

    That's "happy new year" in felinese. Here's a short changelog:
    • Fixed a minor JSON syntax error, thanks to Segenam for catching it.
    • Fixed spelling of "traveler" throughout. "Traveller" is British. Yes, I know, the rest of the game is in British English.
    • Fixed chefmerchant -- the "default" option is not used.
    • Redrew SAIL.
    • Finished new felin towns -- find them in the desert and tundra biomes, among others.
  5. Mriw Khrismas, saa'ho!

    Your obligatory changelist:
    • Added lightmap to ship tier 3. Thanks to Xylia for reminding me.
    • Added more quest data. Thanks to SpaceKGreen.
    • Hopefully fixed super-fast rotting of TentaChews and Tentacle Grape.
    • Added recipe for felin ship wall.
    • Added Ai posters. Thanks to Cgeta for allowing me to use his AVIAN posters as bases.
    • Added a larger statue of Chelsie. More like it to follow.
    • Cheated away the tail sticking out when laying in beds.
    • Made the...
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  6. Sword of Updates, give me pants beyond pants!

    Changelog so far:
    • Replaced chairs next to low tables with RyuujinZERO's cushions.
    • Added greetings and Novakid conversation lines to custom dialogue.
    • Added Protectorate shirts to character creator.
    • Changed the character creation tooltip description.
    • Allowed all hairstyles for both genders.
    • Added fair chance of felin villages to all reasonable biomes.
    • Detailed the supports on the village structures, as per the fenerox.
    • Added the felinsofa, felinarmchair,...
  7. The 3.6.1 Update, yes no alliterative title. DWI.

    Just rolling up all those earlier hotfixes and such since the 3.6.0 workshop release. To recap:
    • Fixed American/British mixup in chest armor tier 2.
    • Added tech station images.
    • Replaced two platter objects -- the applepieplatter is now chocolatecakeplatter, and pussplumpieplatter is now bananacreamplatter.
    • Unlocked the cockpit door on ship tier 0 and 1 to match vanilla.
    • Fixed the villages regarding apple pies.
    • Removed meatballs from fridges.
    • Moved the Cosplay Cat...
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  8. Callipygian Caracal

    3.6 - Callipygian Caracal aka Steamy Serval
    * Fixed half-legged jeans by making them dyeable.
    * Updated tenant data.
    * Cat Corvette is now a vehicle, could use some tweaking.
    * Updated TentaChews and added Tentacle Grape (yes).
    * Removed racial weapons to match vanilla -- I have 'em in an archive for later.
    * Added an activeitem version of the Katar weapon, and a whip that's mostly for RP.
    * Updated various other things to match Nightly.
    * Added support for Silverfeelin's wardrobe mod.
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  9. BaseMultiplier fix

    Latest Unstable changed something in armor stats. Here's a quick update.
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  10. Well shit, couldn't get a 'G' pun in time.

    If you have anything to report, do so in the thread, not the reviews section. Bug reports and help requests in the reviews section will be removed.

    I'll of course continue to work on this without constant official updates, so if there's anything completely wrong about this, I may sneak in a replacement copy.

    Changes for this version:
    • Added comforter-specific statuses that I'm not sure are hooked up right.
    • Fixed ship cockpit door not being removable. Thanks to BloodyRain2k for...
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