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Felins 3.9.1

Catgirls in Space!

  1. And I say HEY!

    Changelog for this version:
    • Fixed missing spaces in descriptions ("Apexculture"?)
    • Added novakid descriptions.
    • Rewrote megazordposter descriptions -- it's Sun Vulcan Robo, not Daizyujin!
    • Removed color variants from containers and loungeables with troublesome sitCoverImages.
    • Added cellphone item -- can translate felin writing and change channels on TVs and holohookers.
    • As such, added various channels to the felintv and felinfuntv, and three more variants for the holohooker, plus "off".
    • Split up the artwork for the various posters, mostly for my own sake.
    • Tweaked the bed. Thanks to Mixan for the inspiration.
    • Corrected category for flags. Thanks to Kherae for mentioning.
    • Added felin anatomy head to Flesh treasure pools.
    • Added five more masculine-like hairstyles, increasing the pool to 79.
    New characters can find that cellphone in their shiplocker. Old characters can spawn it in by hand with /spawnitem felincellphone
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