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Felins 3.9.1

Catgirls in Space!

  1. Mriw Khrismas, saa'ho!

    Your obligatory changelist:
    • Added lightmap to ship tier 3. Thanks to Xylia for reminding me.
    • Added more quest data. Thanks to SpaceKGreen.
    • Hopefully fixed super-fast rotting of TentaChews and Tentacle Grape.
    • Added recipe for felin ship wall.
    • Added Ai posters. Thanks to Cgeta for allowing me to use his AVIAN posters as bases.
    • Added a larger statue of Chelsie. More like it to follow.
    • Cheated away the tail sticking out when laying in beds.
    • Made the computers and TVs match established aesthetic.
    • Fixed comforter tenant grumbles. Thanks to Zornie for letting me know.
    • Added a sandstone statue of a felin, suggested by flodoomable.
    • Updated hair shading and added three new styles.
    • Minor fixes for Starbound 1.2. The nature of these changes should not affect SB 1.1.
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