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Felins 3.9.1

Catgirls in Space!

  1. Sword of Updates, give me pants beyond pants!

    Changelog so far:
    • Replaced chairs next to low tables with RyuujinZERO's cushions.
    • Added greetings and Novakid conversation lines to custom dialogue.
    • Added Protectorate shirts to character creator.
    • Changed the character creation tooltip description.
    • Allowed all hairstyles for both genders.
    • Added fair chance of felin villages to all reasonable biomes.
    • Detailed the supports on the village structures, as per the fenerox.
    • Added the felinsofa, felinarmchair, and felincouch objects, to be used in towns later on.
    • Finished descriptions for the various armors, corrected icon references for pots.
    • Added another poster and some grafitti
    • Fixed status effect on bed, thanks to JarinArenos.
    • Removed alien biome from list of possible locations for village.
    • Added felinwallshelf and felinbookcase, to be used later.
    • Prevent felintv and felinfuntv from flipping when placed facing left. Thanks to SuperMandrew.
    • Fixed tenant data.
    • Added some more quest data.
    • Cut the Laser Lyre's sound by 3db.
    • Restored the old tier 10 broadsword as the omensword activeitem.
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