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Felins 3.9.1

Catgirls in Space!

  1. The 3.6.1 Update, yes no alliterative title. DWI.

    Just rolling up all those earlier hotfixes and such since the 3.6.0 workshop release. To recap:
    • Fixed American/British mixup in chest armor tier 2.
    • Added tech station images.
    • Replaced two platter objects -- the applepieplatter is now chocolatecakeplatter, and pussplumpieplatter is now bananacreamplatter.
    • Unlocked the cockpit door on ship tier 0 and 1 to match vanilla.
    • Fixed the villages regarding apple pies.
    • Removed meatballs from fridges.
    • Moved the Cosplay Cat Tail, Hotpants, and Baby Tee to the Sewing Machine.
    • Fixed the Mystic attack dialogue.
    • Added a custom table.
    • Added minor jumping control to the Catvette.
    • Added several missing object descriptions, mostly involving the Glitch. Novakids support will come later.
    • Added two new Catvette variants, hot pink and flaming.
    • Replaced Dino Megazord poster with something more canonically fitting.
    • Fixed custom dialogues.
    • Added custom dialogues to those tenants supported so far.
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