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Felins 3.9.1

Catgirls in Space!

  1. Callipygian Caracal

    3.6 - Callipygian Caracal aka Steamy Serval
    * Fixed half-legged jeans by making them dyeable.
    * Updated tenant data.
    * Cat Corvette is now a vehicle, could use some tweaking.
    * Updated TentaChews and added Tentacle Grape (yes).
    * Removed racial weapons to match vanilla -- I have 'em in an archive for later.
    * Added an activeitem version of the Katar weapon, and a whip that's mostly for RP.
    * Updated various other things to match Nightly.
    * Added support for Silverfeelin's wardrobe mod.
    * Switched some armor sprites around that got mixed up in the tier rework. Thanks SpaceKGreen.
    * Added felin visitors to the Outpost.
    * Should be pretty much ready for SB1.0.
    * Tried to remake the village in Tiled, but it's too unstable to work with... for now.
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