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Felins 3.9

Catgirls in Space!

  1. Well shit, couldn't get a 'G' pun in time.

    If you have anything to report, do so in the thread, not the reviews section. Bug reports and help requests in the reviews section will be removed.

    I'll of course continue to work on this without constant official updates, so if there's anything completely wrong about this, I may sneak in a replacement copy.

    Changes for this version:
    • Added comforter-specific statuses that I'm not sure are hooked up right.
    • Fixed ship cockpit door not being removable. Thanks to BloodyRain2k for bringing that up.
    • Made Baby Tee and Hotpants dyeable. Thanks to PaperShift.
    • Corrected recipe for Spy Catsuit Goggles, thanks to SoulEchelon.
    • Added DyeMod custom data to the Two Toned Top, courtesy MrMagical.
    • Added sprites for all the rifles, made by JoshuaMadoc.
    • Added prices to all custom clothing, fixes merchants.
    • Tweaked treasure pools.
    • Fixed ship image for tier 7. Thanks to BloodyRain2k again.
    • Replaced vanilla jeans with new low-riding jeans. No shoes.
    • Corrected grammar on felingraffiti6.png.
    • Corrected typo on codex, thanks again to BloodyRain2k.
    • Replaced all references to vanilla sounds.
    • Named all the firearms.
    • Lowered the bed to better fit in a greco-japanese thing.
    Coming up next:
    • Vehicles. I would've had them now but things happened.
    • Your suggestions here.
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