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Extra Dungeons [For version 1.3.2] Version 0.74

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  1. Apex weapons platforms.

    The Observer
    What it says on the tin. The final race-based space encounter is up. That should put paid to any scanning issues.
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  2. Space encounters!

    The Observer
    What it says on the tin. Ninja pagodas, floran ixoling grounds, and avian pyramids have appeared.
  3. Fixes.

    The Observer
    A fix is in for the penguin highway that should hopefully fix a couple of crashes.

    Let me know if anything still borks.
  4. Penguins.

    The Observer

    Penguin highway mission and penguin weapons factories have appeared on high-tier planets.

    For those who don't like puzzles and want a straight beat-em-up.
  5. Fungal Dens.

    The Observer

    Fungal dens have appeared on likely planets. Go get them!
  6. The distribution center.

    The Observer
    What it says on the tin. Maps to this mission may b found in avian deep pyramids, although I'm planning to spread them out a little more in future worldgen dungeons.

    Alternatively, you can just spawn in one of the maps yourself, if you're so inclined.
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  7. Pyramids.

    The Observer
    Avian deep pyramids have appeared on desert, forest, jungle, alien, tundra and volcanic worlds, replacing the old desert microdungeons.

    You can now buy back special rewards you've earned from a stall in Svetlana's home. Costly, naturally.
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  8. New worldgen dungeons.

    The Observer
    What it says on the tin. Go out and find them!
  9. Hotfix.

    The Observer
    Hotfix for the tower invincible.

    Apparently Chucklefish removed the frozenburning effect and all peripherals related to such, resulting in several errors occurring when the enemies in that level attacked.

    This should be fixed now.
  10. Apex Underwater Labs.

    The Observer
    What it says on the tin- see mod description for further details.
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