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Extra Dungeons [For version 1.3.2] Version 0.74

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  1. The Sky Boulevard.

    The Observer

    -The Sky Boulevard is released! This dungeon is about as hard as I'll ever make them - I'll never ask players to do something which I can't, and I died quite a number of times during playtesting.

    Visit magma worlds to find maps to this level 6 dungeon!

    Furthermore, all mission quests will reward two action figurines upon completion, for those who'd rather not do mind-numbing farming for their figurines. This only affects new characters, unfortunately, since you can't redo these quests.

    I'm not sure what I want to do next - a level 6 apex stealth infiltration mission, another western novakid shootout, or a hylotl hack and slash, both level 3. I'm taking a few days off before starting the next mission, so let me know what you want in a comment!
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