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Extra Dungeons [For version 1.3.2] Version 0.74

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  1. pornoytfran
    Version: Version 0.74
    nesesario para tener mas horas de juego
  2. Redfalcon290
    Version: Version 0.74
    Great mod! Breathes new life into my end game character!
  3. Sock_Bunny
    Version: Version 0.74
    Amazing :D
  4. MildD
    Version: Version 0.74
    Rus: 5 звезд за отличную идею и реализацию , но -1 звезда за отсутствия мирных Новакидов .
    Eng:5 stars for a great idea and implementation , but -1 star for lack of peaceful Novakids .(translated by translator)
  5. Renzope
    Version: Version 0.74
    beautiful mod, thank you for your effort, it's nice to see al the dedication you put to this. (sorry for my bad english)
  6. ♡♡♡
    Version: Version 0.74
    Вау, чувак, это реально круто. Мне нравится, что я могу выбрать один из двух путей прохождения.

    В будущем хотелось бы ещё интересных crew member'ов, потому что это одна из лучших фич, да и использована она хорошо, особенно с учётом того пазла где надо оставить npc на кнопке.

    Так держать!
    p.s. Особенно хорошо идет в комплекте с модом на рпг рост, потому что благодаря тому что в данжах все мобы ванильные, ты получаешь с них свой кусок экспы.
  7. NeoslayerX
    Version: Version 0.71
    It's good.
    I never managed to beat any of them because I'm a noob but it's really good.
  8. royal_fish
    Version: Version 0.71
    While I can appreciate the work that went into this, the Novakid Outlaw Camp and the Minniknog Underwater Lab both have areas that potentially trap you forever.

    Novakid Camp - At the end of the mining tunnel where a difficult encounter ensues, you become trapped in the cave if you do not yet have any jumping tech, forcing you to start the game over.

    Minniknog Lab - If you go to the bottom level, there is no way to bring an elevator down, thus trapping you forever and forcing you to start the game over.
  9. ChronoHyperion
    Version: Version 0.71
    Hello It's me again, this mod doesn't fail for the people who likes to explore (like me). I have a suggestion, would you kindly add some more dungeons, space anomalies, ships, and villages to the vanilla races especially the humans. If you can.
  10. AArticuno3
    Version: Version 0.651
    As I have heard you will not be making any dungeons for new races added by mods, but I am very interested in whether you currently are or are planning to work on an Ancient themed dungeon. (Yeah, Nebulites are basically ancients, but I am talking about the vanilla ones) Do you think that you will wait for the next official chucklefish update or two to have access to more Ancient items, blocks, objects, and most of all, enemies, knowing that you used a lot of guardians in your other maps, or try to use the limited Ancient stuff now to make at least some sort of dungeon including aspects of both the Vaults and the Challenge Rooms?
  11. wataritsuki
    Version: Version 0.651
    A great addtion to the lack of thing to do reaching end-game period.
  12. ChronoHyperion
    Version: version 6.1.3
    I giving this a 5 star because it looks promising and to make you feel better. One question though, does it override the original missions on vanilla version of starbound?
  13. Grimicle
    Version: version 6.1.2
    One of my favorite mods that I can't play without great that the quest spawn in dungeons which require the exploration of planets hoping to find them love the level design that makes each one unique and rewarding.
  14. Aer-ink
    Version: version 0.61
    more dungeonds = more looting love this!
  15. Shadow Wolf TJC
    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Version: Version 0.55
    Although currently, this seems to be the only mod around that actually adds new missions (barring total conversion and total overhaul mods like Frackin' Universe), and while I, overall, enjoyed these new missions, and found them to be working fine, I do believe that they could've been structured in a more enjoyable manner. Since there are so many improvements that I would've liked to suggest, for this review, I'll only focus on the biggest most significant overall improvements in terms of mission design, as well as compare my most and least favorite missions within this mod to my most and least favorite missions within vanilla Starbound (and save the rest for the discussion tab).

    I do wish that the missions were, in general, shorter, with far less side paths to explore, and either less linear, or with far shorter and fewer branching paths to them if they're linear. I don't mind if the missions are non-linear, and demand the player to complete multiple tasks in whatever order they like (in fact, I would like to see some), nor do I mind if the challenges that the players are presented with have multiple means of overcoming them (such as choosing whether to go in guns blazing, lure them into a trap, stealthily pick them off one-by-one, or have some other potentially-hostile baddy do the dirty work for you).

    However, because it's a hassle to backtrack to where you last died, especially in bigger levels with more difficult enemies and obstacles, I don't like it when a level requires me to trigger so many switches that are spread across such a large distance, even if it's for a secret. As such, although I don't mind there being a branching path or two, I do prefer if these branches were short enough to be worth exploring both paths. Likewise, I'll most likely tolerate backtracking only if something is done to make the backtracking part exciting (such as spawning in additional enemies, or activating various traps), and I'll also only tolerate dead ends and secret rooms if they're few in number, and if there's something worthwhile for me. (Although I have a keen eye and an explorer's instincts, I lack the patience to thoroughly check previously-explored sections of the mission for some well-hidden secret doors that were just opened up, which, by the way, seem all too common for my liking.)

    Currently, my most favorite mission of the bunch is perhaps the Ancient Temple due to not only how linear it is, but also due to the presence of just enough side and branching paths to keep me interested, and not overwhelmed like in most of the other missions. However, even that mission fails to stand up to my most favorite mission in vanilla Starbound, which is the Erchius Mining Facility. While the Erchius Mining Facility is quite linear, and does have a branching path, a handful of side paths, and a secret room that can only be accessed by flipping enough switches, the length of the level, and its branching paths, are manageably short (even more so than in the Ancient Temple), and the side rooms and switches to the secret room are few in number, and aren't located all that far away from the main path.

    As for my least favorite mission, that dishonor would have to go to the Sky Boulevard for being so huge, with branching paths that are so long, that it puts my least favorite mission in regular Starbound, which is the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns, to shame (in a bad way). As big as the Ceremonial Hunting Grounds themselves were, at least there were no hidden switches to press, or large amounts of frustratingly-difficult enemies to defeat (especially those blasted gunners), and at least it didn't take too long to finish if you focused only on finishing the mission.

    Still, in spite of all the criticism that I've levied against these missions' designs, I do hope to see more modders develop new missions, especially well-designed ones that would be more fun than even Chucklefish's own missions. Hopefully, my constructive criticism would help inspire modders to develop better missions in the future.

    Until then, this mod is your best option.
    1. The Observer
      Author's Response
      Your criticism is fair, and frankly, much better than the usual "it r gud, pls update soon" reviews that litter the site. I'm a little surprised myself that no one else has tried to make a dedicated dungeon mod, but hey.

      With the next couple of updates, there are a few plans to cater to the demographic you represent, especially with the procedurally generated instanced dungeons which appear to be on the nightly right now. Your call for shorter, more linear tasks has not gone unheard. However, in some cases, feature, not bug kicks into play.

      For example, Sky Boulevard: when this dungeon was pushed, it was billed as being deliberately long and hard, as far as I would push things. In my playtests, even as its creator, I couldn't 100% complete it every time, yes. I understand that it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but all the enemies had various weaknesses which could be exploited; in your case of the stargazer minibosses, you could stand up right next to them and they wouldn't be able to hit you with their tesla weapon. It served its purpose, but that purpose just wasn't one that jived with you. That's okay.

      I'm also not going to make Svetlana any easier to find in the missions where she exists - Waldo should be hard and tedious to find. The extra loot is just a bonus, the main reward is the satisfaction that comes with successfully finding her. I'm starting to get workarounds to the habit of people using Alt to highlight interactable objects to lessen that kind of cheese, too.

      Either way, good review. Going to work on something Hylotl for the next one.
  16. acidchalk
    Version: version 0.54
    So i just finished sky temple and wow! I love these missions, you're really good at this. Is there any chance you'd try to make one for one of the more popular custom races? I'd kill for an avali mission with all of their props and such.
    1. The Observer
      Author's Response
      No. Not only would it go against my motive of using vanilla assets to the maximum, but I would also have to negotiate with the owners of said mods, and I don't feel like doing that.

      Besides, the overhyped nature of the Avali annoy me.
  17. Fluke2
    Version: version 0.5
    10/10 would insist anyone that remotely likes dungeons to give these a run. Well thought out design/enemies/traps/bosses/loot just all around excellent mod

    eagerly looking forward to future updates, will content myself with experimenting on bunnies in the mean time ;)
  18. Rukrio
    Version: version 0.43
    *playing Lethia labs when he gets to the ending swarm* *alien swarm music kicks in* OH HELL YES.
    *playing Tower Invincible: tracer-blinks through lava* i regret this move.

    10/10 level design and writing, cannot wait for more dungeons. would love for one to start off as a trap of sorts, and you have to jailbreak out, guardians of the galaxy style, or a more puzzle oriented one.
  19. Igan
    Version: version 0.43

    Best mod I've played, well done sir.
  20. Zaroth
    Version: version 0.43
    Extremely well made, and worth backtracking to explore. I've only found your burd in the tower impossible. Is she in any others at the moment?

    Also, the latest dungeon does beg the question of, if the ruin's defeat would cause all samples of it to slowly die off. You called its samples hive minded and taking direction from it, and the guardian didn't seem concerned, so maybe.