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Outdated Extra Containers 2-19-14 / Enraged Koala

Kinda like Bigger Chests, but opposite!

  1. Introducing Hidden Panels!

    Hidden Panels that blend in perfectly with a matching wall and look dead obvious on other walls! Made from 16 of the corresponding block (or 200 pixels for a Candy Cane Panel, why wait for holiday time?), they each hold 16 slots.

    The Chest Station now has proper categories to sort from. From left to right: Micro, Large Micro, Normal, Hidden, and Other.
  2. Introducing the Chest Station!

    Goin' ham on this update!

    + There are so many recipes in this mod now that it would be easier to put them all in their own place. That place is the Chest Station.

    * All recipes have been redone and are available by default from the Chest Station. You no longer have to find the original chest to unlock each recipe.

    + Added micro chests for every chest type in the game!

    + Added a Cheat Sheet image in the mod folder in case you want to use that as a reference.

    I made a banner for this mod,...
  3. Fixed Guis!

    Fixed up the Guis so they actually look right. No new chests yet, but I'll get to it soon.
  4. 3-day Combo!

    Added a LOT more chests and various storage items, but that's not the biggest part of this update.

    These items now have custom storage capacity, ranging from 6 to 48 slots! All the interface files are unique (even the 16-slot GUI has its own files in this mod) to avoid any conflicts with other mods that add custom storage capacities.

    You will notice some of the GUI elements are aligned incorrectly, especially the shine. I am working on perfecting their appearance, but for now they should...
  5. More things!

    Added the following items:
    Mini Laboratory Lockers. I could so make a wall of that stuff.
    Micro and Large Micro varieties for Blue Tech, Green Tech, Medieval, and Royal Chests.

    As before, crafting recipes are learned by collecting a normal-sized chest or laboratory locker.