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Outdated Extra Containers 2-19-14 / Enraged Koala

Kinda like Bigger Chests, but opposite!

  1. Introducing the Chest Station!

    Goin' ham on this update!

    + There are so many recipes in this mod now that it would be easier to put them all in their own place. That place is the Chest Station.

    * All recipes have been redone and are available by default from the Chest Station. You no longer have to find the original chest to unlock each recipe.

    + Added micro chests for every chest type in the game!

    + Added a Cheat Sheet image in the mod folder in case you want to use that as a reference.

    I made a banner for this mod, but since I can't upload to Gyazo from this laptop, you won't see that just yet. It's also far too weak to even play Starbound, so this update hasn't been tested yet. If things are broken, expect a hotfix later today.
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