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Outdated Extra Containers 2-19-14 / Enraged Koala

Kinda like Bigger Chests, but opposite!

  1. CuttsAndBruises
    Version: 2-19-14 / Enraged Koala
    Very useful for maximizing physical storage capacity in a player's ship! The hidden containers are a must for MP, even among the most honest of parties. Helps you hold on to what you really want to keep. Thank you!
  2. Bronze Elemental
    Bronze Elemental
    Version: 2-19-14 / Enraged Koala
  3. cornillac
    Version: 2-4-14
    nice :)
  4. Xavius
    Version: 2-4-14
    The perfect add-on for those who don't like the thought of their precious ship looking like the inside of an interstellar moving van! Wonderful work, you did a great job on this mod.
  5. Werekitty39501
    Version: 2-3-14
    They're so cute! And perfect for, like, jewelry boxes, or when you just don't have that much space!