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Extended Story

Adds a lot of content to Starbound including weapons, biomes, dungeons, and bosses.

  1. Release

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Fixed an error in which most new planets break due to platinum glitches
    *Fixed the flame particles of genericlaser projectile
    *Implemented Green Erchius and Anterra bars
    *Fixed the Ancient One not appearing after the slam attack
    *Phoenix Guardian attacks in phase 2 no longer have safe spots
  2. Release 1.5.3

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Overhauled the Ancient One's attacks
    *Updated Ancient One figurine sprite
    *Fixed an animation error with the Annihilator
    *Bot of Terror has transformed into Ruinbuster
    *Made the final boss stronger
    *Added mission checkpoint at Quantum Sentry entrance
    *Changed Ancient Trailer behavior
    *Renamed the Supervoid Eye to “Exvoidimus”(first phase will still keep the former name)
    *Added upgraded Space Plasma Rifle and Drill Spear
    *Re-sprited Upgraded Lightning Gun
    *Nerfed Dark Matter Pickaxe
  3. Release

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Fixed an issue with the Irradiated Dimension
    *Changed the Abyssal Gazer's name
    *Replaced Ancient Magnorbs with Upgraded Magnorbs
    *Changed the sprite of the Ancient Fragment minions
  4. Release

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Fixed an issue related to the Abyss and Fire Dimensions not working(those were not reported, but I caught onto them).
    If you have not downloaded the previous version yet, please download this one.
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  5. Release

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Made items beyond tier 8 require Ancient Upgrade Modules
    *Changed Ancient One's sprite
    *The Trader now knows about Supervoid Planets
    *Fixed issues regarding the poison dungeon and Bossvault
    *Oblivium Skulls are now craftable
    *Resprited the Bossvault door
    *All elemental biomes now have a threat level of 7
    *Revamped titanium and durasteel chain guns
    *New Unique Weapon: Gravity Warper
    *Sphere Deactivators are now only a decoration(the effects are part of a stagehand).
    *Rebalanced all weapons(I...
  6. Release

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Slightly overhauled Supervoid Eye attacks
    *Made Supervoid Eye 2nd Phase slightly harder
    *Added Annihilator weapons
    *Made Destroyer of Worlds spawning mechanic less ridiculous and added an augment to stop it from spawning
    *Added tutorial section right after Novabot Facility mission for Ancient Sphere
    *Added Ancient Mess unique layer
    *Made more Ancient Tiles are obtainable
    *Recipes for Annihilator and Destroyer spawning items can now be learned via Supervoid Blocks
    *Nerfed Ancient Rifle...
  7. Release 1.5.2

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Make the chance of the Destroyer spawning higher
    *Irradiated Dragon
    *Change alt ability of ancient staff
    *New techs
    *New sprite for the Destroyer
    *Fix a bug with the Ruin Seed
    *Supervoid planetary biome
    *Disable Extreme Cold immunity from ancient set
    *Nerf Ancient Set
    *Staying on a Nuclear Wasteland w/o protection will eventually kill you
    *Altered mechanics of Ultimatium Shield
    *Eternally Burning worlds are now Raging Infernos
    *Forgotten biome(aka Holes biome)
    *Ancient Set gets a set bonus!...
  8. Release

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Changed the supervoid minibiome enemy
    *Made the supervoid minibiome only appear on tier 3+ planets
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  9. Update 1.5.1

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Added more ancient weapons
    *New Ancient-themed boss
    *Removed Ancient Avatar
    *Made various changes to Ancient One
    *Added more chain guns
    *Added second phase to supervoid eye
    *Fixed an issue with the supervoid minibiome
    *Added crit stats(for those who have FU)
    *Nerfed the Supreme Ion Cannon
    *Changed drops of Bot of Terror
    *Made changes to the bossvault
    *Fixed some issues with the Abyss Dungeon
    *Added more ion weapons
    *Changed the logo
    *Added destroyer gear
    *Fixed an issue where Koichi cannot...
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  10. Update 1.5

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Added the Ruin Seed boss
    *Overhauled the ancient rifle and ancient rocket launcher
    *Changed the sprites of the ancient weapons
    *Changed the naming formats for the ancient weapons
    *Replaced the four main elemental dungeons
    *Added voltage biome
    *Overhauled the black hole cannon(old black hole cannon remains unchanged, use /spawnitem blackholegunnew if you have a black hole cannon already)
    *Quantum Sentry still drops old black hole cannon, fix will be released later​
    *Fixed a...