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Extended Story

Adds a lot of content to Starbound including weapons, biomes, dungeons, and bosses.

  1. Release - Bug Fixes

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    * Reduced Vitalium Relic Dungeon entrance spawning frequency.
    * Fixed a conflict with Project Ancient Cosmos.
    * Fixed the Seed of Ruin moving extremely slowly right before any stationary attack.
    * Fixed an exploit with the Ancient Turret Launcher's alt ability.
    * Fixed the Vitalium Relic Guardian not being able to properly heal the player (again).
    * Fixed the Ancient One sometimes getting stuck in a wall.
  2. Release

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    * Fixed a bug where some stationary monsters are affected by gravity weapons, such as the Dark Matter Launcher.
    * Updated the Getting Started codex.
    * Fixed Halloween planets appearing only as gas giant satellites.
    * Fixed healing orbs sometimes failing to heal the player during the Vitalium Relic Guardian boss fight.
    * Fixed the Ancient Turret Launcher using the wrong crafting material.
    * Fixed food regeneration not being blocked by the anti-healing debuff.
    * Fixed rare beam cannons...
  3. Release - Patch

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Fixed the Supervoid Eye suddenly disappearing at 75% health
  4. Release - Vitalium

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Made vanilla bosses immune to all Extended Story status effects
    *Reduced the amount of Rotten Goop required for Rotten weapons
    *Added a new unique weapon: The Forgeblade
    *Fixed a bug where the player randomly gets sent back to their ship when on a Forgotten world
    *Fixed a bug where the Poison Artifact crashes the game upon use
    *Fixed manually spawning the Destroyer of Worlds crashing the game
    *Updated the color palette of more Infernal and Irradiated stuff
    *Steel Bars have been moved to...
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  5. Release - Patch 2

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Fixed an exploit with the secret room, allowing the Ancient One to be cheesed.
    *Fixed the door after Omega the Quantum Sentry not locking properly.
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  6. Release - Patch

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Fixed the Obliterator crashing the game upon use.
    *Fixed Ice Artifact Quest not properly tracking the Ice Artifact Altar.
  7. Release 1.5.4 - Freezing Point

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Overhauled the Frozen Dimension
    *Made the Ancient One’s shield deploy only once
    *Replaced the ancient sphere laser with a new alt ability.
    *New alt ability for the Lightning Blade
    *Changed the sprite of the Ancient Gem
    *Ancient Gem no longer requires Refined Violium to craft
    *Changed the sprite of all Modules
    *Changed the way the Sphere Deactivater's region is shown
    *Made Extended Story compatible with Starbound 1.4. Please report any broken weapons as bugs!
    *Removed the Toxoling section...
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  8. The Real

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Apparently is actually 1.5.3.
  9. Release Reupload

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    Re-uploaded due to accidental deletion of the file.
  10. Release

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Fixed an error in which most new planets break due to platinum glitches
    *Fixed the flame particles of genericlaser projectile
    *Implemented Green Erchius and Anterra bars
    *Fixed the Ancient One not appearing after the slam attack
    *Phoenix Guardian attacks in phase 2 no longer have safe spots