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Extended Story

Adds a lot of content to Starbound including weapons, biomes, dungeons, and bosses.

  1. Release 1.5.3

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Overhauled the Ancient One's attacks
    *Updated Ancient One figurine sprite
    *Fixed an animation error with the Annihilator
    *Bot of Terror has transformed into Ruinbuster
    *Made the final boss stronger
    *Added mission checkpoint at Quantum Sentry entrance
    *Changed Ancient Trailer behavior
    *Renamed the Supervoid Eye to “Exvoidimus”(first phase will still keep the former name)
    *Added upgraded Space Plasma Rifle and Drill Spear
    *Re-sprited Upgraded Lightning Gun
    *Nerfed Dark Matter Pickaxe
    *Changed the behavior of the Destroyer and made laser walls wider
    *Made particular tracks loop better(no silence)
    *Added Mining Relic Item
    *Nerfed Abyss Eyes attack for Abyssal Overseer
    *Changed sprites of ion weapons
    *Buffed damage for Handheld Ion Cannon’s alt
    *Fixed an issue with the Ancient Defenders spawning
    *Made Putrid Air weaker to make the Anti-Rot EPP more of an option
    *Re-added Oblivion Core Unique Layer(it was removed by accident)
    *Fixed bug with hunting some Forgotten monsters causing world crash
    *Nerfed Electric Artifact alt ability
    *Made unnecessarily destructive explosions no longer destructive(exceptions to this)
    *Fixed an exploit with the Ancient One’s new slam attack
    *Buffed the ion flamethrower
    *Fixed an issue with Galactic Golem’s fists not spawning properly(or at all)
    *Made Irradiated Dimension minibosses less easy to cheese
    *Fixed a bug in which the player cannot learn the armor module recipe
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