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Extended Story

Adds a lot of content to Starbound including weapons, biomes, dungeons, and bosses.

  1. Update 1.5

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Added the Ruin Seed boss
    *Overhauled the ancient rifle and ancient rocket launcher
    *Changed the sprites of the ancient weapons
    *Changed the naming formats for the ancient weapons
    *Replaced the four main elemental dungeons
    *Added voltage biome
    *Overhauled the black hole cannon(old black hole cannon remains unchanged, use /spawnitem blackholegunnew if you have a black hole cannon already)
    *Quantum Sentry still drops old black hole cannon, fix will be released later​
    *Fixed a bug where the Ruin completes the Supervoid Eye quest
    *Moved the obliterator to the ancient forge
    *Changed the alt ability and sprite of the obliterator
    *Replaced the microdungeons in the nuclear wasteland
    *More changes to the ancient sphere
    *Changes to the Robot Facility mission(now called the Novabot Facility)
    *Alt ability of Fabric Ripper now has vacuum properties
    *Elemental artifact quests can now be completed in any order
    *Revised the tungsten chain gun
    *Changed the sprite of the ancient forge
    *Added supervoid mini-biome
    *Broke the supervoid mini-biome(give me like 2000 years to release the fix, for now just do /admin ---> /spawnitem supervoidnodeteleporter ---> /admin when you find a supervoid mini-biome)
    *Added the upgrade station for weapons over tier 6: includes crafting recipes for each upgrade and a separate weapon, weapons that can be upgraded once will have a blue star next to it when upgraded
    *Added RL-Rapid Mk I-IV
    *Minor changes to the sprites of the artifact weapons
    **Next update will be released at the same time as update to steam version**
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