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Extended Story

Adds a lot of content to Starbound including weapons, biomes, dungeons, and bosses.

  1. Release

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Made items beyond tier 8 require Ancient Upgrade Modules
    *Changed Ancient One's sprite
    *The Trader now knows about Supervoid Planets
    *Fixed issues regarding the poison dungeon and Bossvault
    *Oblivium Skulls are now craftable
    *Resprited the Bossvault door
    *All elemental biomes now have a threat level of 7
    *Revamped titanium and durasteel chain guns
    *New Unique Weapon: Gravity Warper
    *Sphere Deactivators are now only a decoration(the effects are part of a stagehand).
    *Rebalanced all weapons(I still might need improvement on that)
    *Fixed some errors with weapon categories
    *Added some more Ancient melee weapons
    *Revamped Ancient Hammer; it is now obtained via crafting
    *Annihilator and Destroyer summoners now require Supervoid Energy
    *A new monster guards the Supervoid Energy(completely different, though still retains its pest trait)
    *Fabric Ripper is no longer craftable at Treasured Trophies
    *Player-hit-based set bonuses no longer activate from “phantom” damage(damage that does not hurt the player or is invisible, similar issue happened w/ Ultimatium Shield)
    *Removed Supervoid minibiome by request
    *Annihilator Drones in normal encounters are now called Annihilator Searchers, and the minions have the former name
    *Moved the Dark Matter Pickaxe to the Ancient Forge
    *Resprited the Fabric Ripper
    *The alt ability of the Fabric Ripper now spawns globes
    *Annihilator Drones now spawn when using the alt ability of the Obliterator
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