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Extended Songbook 2.2

Bigger songbook window

  1. UI Scroll Faster & Extended Crafting Windows

    This is not a change to Extended Songbook, there's no need to download the file again.

    I was playing a bit yesterday and I don't know about you but it felt like scrolling through the list has become a lot slower than I remembered it. I might also be delusional.

    Anyway, If you feel the same way then I've prepared a separate downloadable mod by the name of UI Faster Scroll that will let you scroll through the list a bit faster, 5 lines extra to be exact.
    I've tested this and it doesn't seem to break anything that I've noticed but please let me know if it does. With the default crafting window, it will not jump over items as it only scrolls an extra 2 lines (max limit).

    Now for my second announcement. Testing the crafting window made me realize that there's something fundamentally wrong with it. Why on earth does it only show 6 (full) items at a time... and that's why I've also started working on Extended Crafting Windows.

    Eventually I might bundle everything up under a single name, perhaps I'll just call it "Extended EVERYTHING!", but for now they will all be separate.

    Have an awesome day StarBards!

    Best regards,
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