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Extended Fridge SMAPI 0.94

Extended Fridge for SMAPI 0.40.x - 144 slots - 4 pages

  1. "PLZ I WANT TO PLAY 1.1 WITH MODS" Edition

    !WARNING!: Please don't forget to remove any previous M007_ExtendedFridge or M007_ExtendedFridge_0.40.x folder you have in /mods before upgrading. Enjoy!!!!

    (+) "PLZ I WANT TO PLAY 1.1 WITH MODS" Quick conversion to 1.1 so you can use the extended fridge in 1.1
    (+) Reduced spam from the mods in SMAPI logs

    Hasn't been fully tested because I understand how important this is to you guys and I wanted to post the new version as quickly as possible.

    Dupe bug from previous version is still present.
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