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Outdated Exploration Enhanced 1.33333

An improvement for exploration and variety.

  1. Desideratus
    This changes worldgen and biomes, so all worlds WILL BE RESET. You are Warned.

    This mod is designed to work with and compliment my Combat Overhaul mod. Click here and check it out, too!

    Please make sure you are running in OpenGL mode, otherwise there may be additional problems!

    How Is Enhancement Formed?
    How mod get upload?
    • A ton of new biomes and planet modifiers, just to keep things interesting. In addition to alterations to gravity and biomes, many planets now have ore-rich cores, making deep-drilling ventures profitable. Big thanks go to its_kal for use of some biome assets, make sure to check out his mod New Horizon and drop reviews!
    • New Content: A bunch of new things designed to make exploration better and more varied; Overviewed in more depth below! Shoutouts to Vaeux and his Planetside Teleporters mod, you should go and like/review his work!
    How Do I Install/Uninstall It?
    Have you tried hitting it and yelling?

    Open the zipped file and drag both the Exploration Enhanced and Planetside Teleporters folders into your "Starbound/mods" folder, simple as that!

    To uninstall, first make sure your character does not have the teleporter tech equipped; Then delete the Exploration Enhanced folder. If you delete it with the tech equipped, your character will no longer load, though you can reinstall EE, load in and de-equip the tech, and then re-uninstall EE.

    What Features Should I Expect In The Future?
    There's always more to do, hail satan

    Note that I've been pretty majorly delayed due to real-life stuff. I still plan on doing all this eventually, though
    • Coming Soon: Two suits, a HazMat suit that protects against poison, and a Heat Suit to protect against lava. HazMat suit is currently in-game as cosmetic, will sort out functionality later.
    • Coming Soon: The rocksaw sound is way too quiet, but I couldn't be arsed to fix it.
    • Coming Later: A mining Mech tech that has big drills and maybe a plasma blaster, depending on what I can finagle in the current techs system.
    • Coming Later: A hive biome full of bees. BEEEEEES!
    • Coming Eventually: A handful more items, depending on what I deem useful to exploration and such, and once the engine is more optimized, I'll make every light a shadow-casting point light.
    Overview Of New Content Included:
    Includes crafting recipes and screenshots~

    Large Flashlight:
    An upgraded flashlight with a much larger beam, made at a crafting station with 200 pixels, 1 flashlight, and 5 iron bars; Meant as an early-game upgrade to the flashlight.

    Bouncy Flare Gun:
    A tier-one item made at a crafting station with 100 pixels, 10 flares, and 5 iron bars; It lobs bouncy flares, great for spelunking!

    Sticky Flare Gun:
    A tier-two item made at a crafting station with 100 pixels, 10 flares, and 5 steel bars; It lobs flares that stick to things, even better for spelunking!

    Fission Lamp:
    A tier-two item made at a crafting table for 500 pixels, 5 Uranium Rods, and 5 steel bars; It provides relatively bright light in a solid radius, but has the downside of requiring the use of a hand.

    Light Drones:
    Four craftable, tiered drones that take up a back slot, and follow you around shedding light! They're all made at a crafting table, with recipes as follows:
    Coal Drone: Tier one; 500 Pixels, 20 coal ore, and 10 iron bars


    Uranium Drone: Tier two; 1,000 Pixels, 10 uranium rods, and 10 steel bars


    Plutonium Drone: Tier three; 2,000 Pixels, 10 plutonium rods, and 10 titanium bars


    Solarium Drone: Tier four; 4,000 Pixels, 10 solarium rods, and 10 durasteel bars


    Rock Saws:
    Three concrete saw looking things, each craftable at a crafting table. These are one-handed mining tools meant to fill the tiers above diamond drills. Because they are mining tools with right-click functionality, they act a little odd when marked as one-handed weapons: To mine foreground tiles, keep them in your left hand, and to mine background tiles equip them in your right.
    Recipes As follows:
    Aegisalt Saw: Tier 5, 1,000 pixels, 20 Aegisalt bars

    Cerulium Saw: Tier 7, 3,000 pixels, 20 Cerulium bars
    Rubium Saw: Tier 9, 9,000 pixels, 20 Rubium bars

    So How Does This Teleport Thing Work?
    It's easy once you do it once or twice, yo~

    Only the last spoiler button is actually hiding anything, I have no idea why the others are there considering I only used one set of spoiler tags. I left it in because it amuses me :D

    (Note: Although the following instructions reference using teleporters on a planet, they can also be used on ships, if you happen to have a ship big enough to care about teleporting around on. Coordinates for ships are distinct from planetside coordinates, but are still considered valid even if you move them to a different ship, as it is not possible to tell different players' ships apart.)

      • The Teleporter Crafting Table is necessary to get everything else. It's always available to craft, and, like everything it makes, requires no ingredients.
      • The Teleporter Tech is necessary to use teleporters. Having it active allows you to use (E) teleporters, though there is a short cooldown between uses, which you may bump into if attempting to teleport too fast. While active, several other functions are available:
        • F: Gives you Teleporter Coordinates containing your current location.
        • Shift+F: Gives you Teleporter Coordinates containing your current location, which aren't consumed when used.
        • G: Gives you a copy of the Teleporter Coordinates used for the nearest teleporter.
        • Shift+G: "Un-Teleports" you, returning you to the most recently used teleporter. Deactivating the teleporter tech, returning to your ship, or quitting will cause the most recently used teleporter to be forgotten.
      • Teleporter Coordinates are items generated by the Teleporter Tech and Coordinate Writer. These can be thrown (click) onto a teleporter to program it. Coordinates are planet-specific, and teleporters will refuse coordinates from a different planet. If coordinates aren't accepted by a teleporter (they're refused, or you miss the teleporter entirely), they'll drop on the ground, and can be picked back up.
      • The Planetside Teleporters can be programmed by throwing Teleporter Coordinates at them. When a teleporter has valid coordinates programmed, and you have the Teleporter Tech active, interacting with E will teleport you to its coordinates.
        If there's some reason a teleporter can't teleport you, interacting with it will instead give you a status popup. This includes the most recent error (if any), the coordinate code and distance of the teleporter's current coordinates (if any), its current toggle settings, and the reason it could not teleport you (if applicable). You can force this popup to show by using the Teleporter Status Reader.
        If a teleporter with coordinates is broken, the dropped teleporter will keep those coordinates, and teleport to the same destination when re-placed. Teleporters remember which planet their coordinates are valid on, and a teleporter won't initialize if moved to a different planet, though it will work again if returned to the proper planet.
        The color of a teleporter provides a quick indicator of its current status:
        • Gray indicates a fresh teleporter with no coordinates.
        • Red indicates a teleporter with no valid coordinates, and an error explaining why. This occurs if a fresh teleporter is given bad coordinates, or if a teleporter is moved to a different planet. A red teleporter cannot teleport, and interacting will always display its status popup.
        • Green indicates a teleporter with valid coordinates, and no error; it is ready to teleport.
        • Yellow indicates a teleporter with valid coordinates, but a problem with the most recent coordinates it was given. It will still teleport to the last valid coordinates it was given, but you may want to check its error message.
      • The Teleporter Status Reader allows you to conveniently check the status popup of any teleporter, even if you have the Teleporter Tech active. Simply hold the reader in your hands, and interact with a teleporter.
      • The Teleporter Lock Toggle is one of three toggle items, which are thrown at teleporters, just like Teleporter Coordinates, to toggle a setting on them. When a teleporter's Lock Mode is toggled on, it will refuse all coordinates it is given, preventing accidental changes. The Lock Mode setting is ignored by Sync Mode's functionality.
      • The Re-Teleporter Toggle toggles Re-Teleport Mode. To use a teleporter's Re-Teleport Mode, it must be located near the spot a player warps down to the planet at. If a player warps down with their Teleporter Tech active, and there's a nearby Re-Teleporter, it will immediately "re-teleport" them to its destination. Re-Teleport Mode does not interfere with the normal operations of a teleporter. Due to the way re-teleporting works, this mode has no effect on ships.
      • The Teleporter Sync Toggle toggles Sync Mode. A teleporter with Sync Mode on will automatically re-target itself to take you to any teleporter that you use to teleport to it. The effective range of Sync Mode is extremely short, so a teleporter's destination will have to be directly above a Sync Mode teleporter to properly synchronize. Sync Mode ignores the Lock Mode setting when synchronizing with another teleporter.
      • The Teleporter Coordinate Writer will generate a simple hexadecimal keypad when placed, allowing you to type in 10-character coordinate codes to generate Teleporter Coordinates. The coordinate code is shown in brackets in a teleporter's status popup, which you will always see if holding the Teleporter Status Reader. Coordinate codes can be shared with others outside of the game, but they'll only work on the planet they were generated on, and are mainly useful for quickly teleporting to pre-existing landmarks. Although coordinate codes have check digits to make sure they're used on the right planet, it is possible to mis-type a code and end up with unexpected coordinates; care should be taken when entering codes.

    Known Issues?
    Mo' moddin', mo' problems~

    Known Incompatabilities with Industrialization
    Known Incompatabilities with RWBYbound

    Will almost certainly cause at least one issue if used on a server that does not also have this mod installed; I've had reports of forever-long FTL jumps and planets being un-beam-downable.

    Wanna Help A Brother Out?
    'Cause crowdsourcing means I don't have to put in the effort!

    If you spot any errors or balance issues, drop me a line here on the discussion page! I usually check multiple times a day (Except Thursday and Saturday nights EST), and generally try to address any outstanding issues. Honestly, I haven't done much personal testing (Only ~4 hours) and I'm sure that with as large as this rebalance is, I screwed up something, somewhere.

    You can also feel free to submit interesting screenshots and .gifs, I may toss 'em up here on the page~~~

    HazMat suit and Heat Suit courtesy of Shoehead
    A bunch of biome assets courtesy of its_kal
    Teleporter stuff by Vaeux
    All other art assets and code by me (Desideratus)


    This mod is totally open-source, with anyone able to use and modify assets as they see fit, with the exception that nobody who has uploaded a mod requiring permission has permission to use this mod for any purpose.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. TheSketchyFox
    Version: 1.33333
    I really like the items this mod includes, but once I installed it, the game will crash when I try to sit in my ships cockpit! Is there anything I can do to fix this? (I'm running the latest version of Starbound on a Macbook Pro running OSX v. 10.9.4 if that helps you)
  2. Ram Hum
    Ram Hum
    Version: 1.33333
    This mod LOOKS nice, but if you could use ANY file sharing site OTHER than the one you're using, that'd be nice. The one being used now is really, really bad.
  3. daft73
    Version: 1.33333
    Looks good, giving it a go. You need to update The 'Planetside Telepoters' package..the currently installed one gives errors. I DL'd the current, all seem fine.
  4. kaineb00n
    Version: 1.33333
  5. drakenhawk
    Version: 1.33333
    it sound really awesome already
  6. StarScorcher
    Version: 1.33333
    Its great, I'd love to see a system where if you download a mod, specifically a racial mod and the race has no NPC village, there is a default village, much like a human one "not implemented yet" that would replace it, to fix vendors, etc.
  7. Vwhdfd
    Version: 1.33333
    Really nice mod man, but is there any way you will release the items as a standalone for all the ones that use other worldgen mods?
  8. Master_Discord
    Version: 1.33333
    I'm enjoying the mod, but so far haven't been able to leave the planet I started on due to the hyperspace bug. Doesn't seem to matter what planet I go to, I get stuck in lightspeed. Doesn't reflect on the mod though, I like the difference already.
  9. Haku
    Version: 1.33333
    I'm very unsure about what all the biomes are and what they do and what is included. There is no information about that listed here. I have played all the way to end-game to see for myself, could simply land on planets that are listed as 'exposed' and that would retrieve more than enough ore and then some in very little time.

    The game is most definitely still in beta, but I personally feel that this mod might have been the culprit to making the game too easy for me. At the same time, I have had many craftable things to uplift my experience from drones to stone grinders. Which in all honesty, just made it so much easier and less frustrating. Almost every planet I have been on has been low gravity, so fall damage was rare.

    I don't know if this is a complaint or not and if this mod is responsible, but the game's difficulty dissipated as soon as I got my hands on aegisalt.

    I explored a lot underground but never found anything new or interesting, am I landing on the wrong planets???
  10. Krittick
    Version: 1.22222
    This is a pretty fucking awesome mod and really adds a fuckton of fucking content and it's all fucking awesome. Fuck.