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Outdated ExpandedSB 1.0.3

Adds a lot of new items, machines and more!

  1. RaxiCax
    ExpandedSB (Starbound) adds new items, machines, different ways of obtain already existing items and much more to be added!

    Machines (Objects):
    - Tech Machine
    - Alchemy Table

    - New Drills (Aegisalt, Omnisteel, Rhodium, Kyrenite, Georgidium & Impervium)
    - Blank Tech
    - Empty Stim

    ------ What you can do in currectly update
    - Create Potions
    - Create Techs

    Maybe upcoming features:
    - Questline,
    - Weapons,
    - Grenades (Chemetry),
    - Cloth & Accessorize​

Recent Updates

  1. New Potions! (Tier 3)
  2. Fixed Drills' recipe.
  3. New Link!