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Expanded Weapon Generation 10/31/17

Adds new procedurally-generated weapons and abilities, and modifies existing ones.

  1. Happy Halloween! (Also, some bug fixes.)

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    - Fixed bug that was causing "eof reached" errors, though it required shortening file names.
    - Fixed bugs where guns with certain abilities, like the Energy Spray and Explosive Bubbles abilities, weren't being generated successfully.
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  2. Make the addons more compatable with Frackin' Universe (and an update of the TOS).

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Seems like this recent update has gotten the attention of the devs behind Frackin' Universe, whom have already incorporated its assets within Frackin' Universe. Because of this, I've decided that the addons will need to be updated a bit, so that they too will be compatable with Frackin' Universe.

    Since this mod (and a handful of others) have been growing into projects that I'm taking great pride in, I thought that maybe now's as good a time as ever to get some proper recognition for all the...
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    Shadow Wolf TJC
    And it's probably going to keep on growing as this mod continues development, but here's a little summary of the recent changelog:

    - Added tons of new secondary abilities, including Bouncing Dark Plasma, Elemental Sprays (a.k.a. elemental Flamethrowers), Explosive Bubbles, Force Shield Generators, Globe Launchers, Phase Bursts, Plasma Cell Spray and Spread, Proximity Mines, Rocket Jumps, and Shatter Shot to name a few!
    - Most secondary abilities of uncommon or rare procedurally-generated...
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  4. Some cleanup, and some optional addons!

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    Although I'm beginning to convert several files into more compatability-friendly .patch files, I think that the more important change is the addition of several addons for the main mod. (Granted, some of these addons were already uploaded to the NPC Pack and Legacy Pack.)
  5. A handful of fixes.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    - Fixed bug with Short-Barreled Shotguns not firing multiple rounds.
    - Fixed bug with players holding Multi-Grenade Launchers with one hand, when they're in fact 2-handed weapons.
    - Fixed minor bug where Rare Beam Rifles were showing up with a white border that's normally used for Common items.

    All affected guns should update immediately once the new version is installed, so no need to throw them away!
  6. Some small format updates, and npc weapons.

    Shadow Wolf TJC
    In order to improve cross-mod compatability, I've added prefixes to the mod's resources.

    I've also thrown in some npc versions of these new weapons, for future use by npcs.