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Expanded Weapon Generation 10/31/17

Adds new procedurally-generated weapons and abilities, and modifies existing ones.


    Shadow Wolf TJC
    And it's probably going to keep on growing as this mod continues development, but here's a little summary of the recent changelog:

    - Added tons of new secondary abilities, including Bouncing Dark Plasma, Elemental Sprays (a.k.a. elemental Flamethrowers), Explosive Bubbles, Force Shield Generators, Globe Launchers, Phase Bursts, Plasma Cell Spray and Spread, Proximity Mines, Rocket Jumps, and Shatter Shot to name a few!
    - Most secondary abilities of uncommon or rare procedurally-generated guns should now apply elemental status effects.
    - Added color-coded laser sights for those procedurally-generated rocket launchers with either the Guided Rocket or Laser-Guided Rocket secondary abilities.
    - Added under-barrel attachment graphics to most secondary abilities.
    - Removed Marked Shot abilities from Grenade Launchers and Rocket Launchers, since the ability used the same firing sound as the weapon's primary fire mode (which would've sounded weird in the case of either the Grenade Launchers or Rocket Launchers).
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