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Expanded Fridge 1.2.3

Simply more space in your fridge.

  1. Scrolling menu option

    I have added a scrolling menu option. Just click the organize button to switch between the menus.

    NOTE: In the scrolling menu the inventory will have a transparent background for the moment.
  2. Fixed empty fridge bug

    The fridge would not open if it was empty. This is fixed now.
  3. Sounds in fridge

    Added sounds for item clicking and opening and closing the fridge.
  4. Fixed Some Bugs and Chests Anywhere

    So I reworked how I manipulate the fridges inventory menu and fixed some visual bugs as well as the major problems with Chests Anywhere. Using the Chests Anywhere menu you can access the first 36 items in the fridge but you can't put any more items into it if it has 36 or more items in it. I can't really do more without modifying the Chests Anywhere mod itself. I have created a custom menu that is called CustomFridgeMenu that is displayed when the fridge is accessed in the farm house. For...
  5. Fixed right button click

    I noticed you could not click the right mouse button to transfer a single item at a time from the player inventory to the fridge but now it almost works. You still can't hold down the button like normal to transfer items fast but it was all I had time to do for now.