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Everis (Canine Humanoids) Race Mod 1.16

Like humans, but with fluffy tails and ears, and some fur to boot. Nice.

  1. September Update 2018 Fix

    Quick Fix: Changed mod file from a .zip to a .pak.
  2. September Update 2018

    Added Recipes for:
    >Safety Deflector (6 Steel Bar, 2 Electrium Bar)
    >Laser Claw (6 Purrite Sphere)
    *Correctly ordered known recipes for decorations in the .species file.
    +Added an Everis Teleporter to the Holomarket. It glows!
    +Chelsea (the mascot for the Everis mod) now has her very own plushie. She's so flattered~
    +Added a blank caution holopanel, craftable with the wooden workbench.