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Ever-Realm: Cyndroids v10 11-30-18

The Cyndroids enter the realm of Starbound. (WIP but playable)

  1. Cryptoid
    The Cyndroids were built by the Keepers as a servant race. One of the things that they had to assist them in was monitoring the uni/multiverse, because of this a Cyndroid's "eye" is always recording whatever it sees, then it automatically uploads it into the Keyren (their version of the internet).

    These machines are no-where near being organic, but that hasn't stopped them before. They are trying to imitate organics (for they believe it will allow them to achieve total insight) and they are starting to get awfully close to figuring it out. Since their overall intelligence can develope faster than any living organism (currently), they created most of the galaxies' tech, which results in being one the wealthiest races in their universe. Despite the fact that they don't technically age, that doesn't mean they can't be killed. With their goal of being of becoming like most other species, by becoming organic themselves, they had actually went to war with the Aruins (this would be considered their second war with them). The reason why is that the Aruins are a perfect combination of flesh and metal. According to the Cyndroids research, the Aruins are actually a form of living bio-metal. Hence why the war happened.

    True Form: Their actually appearance is quite... unique. They're actually made up of small "cubes", that can change their shape to create a new "form" altogether. So in short they can shape-shift into any form, look like any species, and are incapable of age. Each "cube" generates enough energy to power a cruiser class colony ship for 800 standard cycles (around 3 decillion in human years). Think of nanites really.

    Just follow the link posted on the Aruins' page.
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