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Equivalent Exchange for Starbound 3.1.5

Starbound mod inspired by Equivalent Exchange

  1. Finished art and study lists

    What I did in this Update:
    • Finished art for all tables:
      • Art is done from T1 to T3, no more placeholders!
    • Updated the list of items that you can study on every table.
      • All tables have been updated to support all "Vanilla" items and all "Elithian Races Mod" items.
      • FU items are not supported YET (I'm on it, be patient, FU adds a lot of things)
    This means that the mod is FEATURE COMPLETE and usable from zero to end-game. :nuruawe:

    The next step will be Steam release, I'll try to do it the weekend, but no promises here.

    Please, try it here and give as much feedback as possible, of things you like, of things you don't like, of things that seem strange or not clear, any feedback is better than no feedback :nuruhappy:
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