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Equivalent Exchange for Starbound 3.1.5

Starbound mod inspired by Equivalent Exchange

  1. Mine table update to T2 and UI improvements

    What I did in this Update:
    • Improve table names per tier.
      • "Basic<Name> table" for T1
      • "Advanced <Name> table" for T2
      • "Expert <Name> table" for T3
    • Improve table rarity per tier.
      • Rare for T1
      • Legendary for T2
      • Essential for T3
    • Improve the "Study more" tooltip.
      • Now it tells how much more you need to study.
    • Add filter to the item list.
      • Self-explanatory, added a filter
    • Added art for the T2 Mine table.
      • I'm not happy at all with it, but sadly that's the most I can do :(
      • Even with that, it's much better than a placeholder.
    • Updated the list of materials you can study in a mine table.
      • Added "core fragment" to T1
      • Added "gold", "Titanium" and "Durasteel" to T2
      • Added "diamonds", "Aegisal", "Ferozium", "Violium" and "Solarium" to T3
    That's all, enjoy it!
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