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Outdated [Enraged Koala - U8] Kingdom Hearts Compilation Mod 0.0.5d

Stuff from the Kingdom Hearts Universe

  1. Migrating to Steam Workshop

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    When I finish fixing this for 1.0, I'm going to be moving it to the Steam Workshop. I'll post a link in the updates if I remember. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience. I may decide to keep updating this page later, but for now, I just want to focus on making it work. That being said, I'm going to have to rewrite literally everything, so that might be awhile. I'll probably just start over to be honest. I'll keep stuff I can save, like sprites, especially VenusBear's as they are...
  2. Synth Moogle Interface

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    It broke the renderer when you opened the synth Moogle, so I reverted it to a modified crafting table. Other than that, there is now an ID list on the main page. Look for "IDs(open)" under "Known Issues".
  3. Stupid name changes

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    I fixed 3 lines of code in every .sword file that was turning them into generic green cubes. The culprits were "inspectionKind" being changed to "tooltipKind", "kind" being changed to "weaponType" and an obsolete status effect called "shieldSuppressed" that was part of the windup and cooldown of the old broadswords. There were also a few that needed their projectiles renamed, because Chucklefish made their swoosh projectiles all follow the same naming scheme, which they weren't before....
  4. Quick fix for Giraffe

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    In order to fix this for Upbeat Giraffe, I had to remove all .statuseffect files until I can rewrite them. That means all potions have been removed and the burning effect of Bond of Flame has been switched out for the generic burning effect. In May, I'll be working on getting these features back.
  5. VennusBear Retuns!!!

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    VennusBear, the creator of the original keyblades mod recently contacted me and thanked me for crediting him as the inspiration of my work. He also offered to help make sprite. I liked his new sprites so much that I did the rest of the work needed to put them in the game. Wanna know what's more impressive than that, though? He completed the two sprites I was having the hardest time with... AND THEY LOOK AWESOME. So, every time you use Winner's Proof or Zero/One, remember VennusBear and his...
  6. KHII FM Disney-Themed Keyblades

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    I finished up the keyblades from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. That's about it. Also, if you datamine the folder, you may find some more bit and bobs for future updates. ;)

    Also, if you can't boot the game, post your crash log. If you can't load your character, use a version that does work, delete all of the items from my mod, close starbound, update my mod, then try again. If you still can't, post your crash log.
  7. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Keyblades

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    The first few Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Keyblades have been finished, so I decided to release it. There are currently no Disney themed ones from that game, as they are what I'm working on now.
    Anywho, you'll find a few bits and pieces lust laying in the archive, most of those are general progress towards other things, like the Synthesis Moogle. (Credit to Dragonith for the sprite). Unfortunately, the Moogle...
  8. Finished KHFM's Keyblades.

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    I finally buckled down and added the last few things needed to finish off all of Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix's Keyblades. I realized that Bond of Flame, Diamond Dust and Spellbinder follow the elemental trope of the series, which is nice (Spellbinder has a lightning attack in KH:CoM). Anywho, have fun with all the new stuff (Including a few extras you may enjoy.)
  9. Fixed startup crash.

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    I forgot to delete the old archive before zipping, resulting in old files not being replaced. This has been fixed.
  10. Keyblade Beta!

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    I've added allot of stuff, and now that it's playable, I decided to release it. I hope to fix and improve allot of things soon, so if you want something a little more polished, wait for about a week and this should be updated.

    This version required Tabula Rasa to access recipes, but this will be fixed in the next update.

    Check the features list for more precise information.