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Outdated [Enraged Koala - U8] Kingdom Hearts Compilation Mod 0.0.5d

Stuff from the Kingdom Hearts Universe

  1. Stupid name changes

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    I fixed 3 lines of code in every .sword file that was turning them into generic green cubes. The culprits were "inspectionKind" being changed to "tooltipKind", "kind" being changed to "weaponType" and an obsolete status effect called "shieldSuppressed" that was part of the windup and cooldown of the old broadswords. There were also a few that needed their projectiles renamed, because Chucklefish made their swoosh projectiles all follow the same naming scheme, which they weren't before. Luckily, notepad++ has this cool feature called "Replace All in All Opened Documents".
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