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Outdated [Enraged Koala - U8] Kingdom Hearts Compilation Mod 0.0.5d

Stuff from the Kingdom Hearts Universe

  1. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Keyblades

    Tuesday's Eyebrow
    The first few Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Keyblades have been finished, so I decided to release it. There are currently no Disney themed ones from that game, as they are what I'm working on now.
    Anywho, you'll find a few bits and pieces lust laying in the archive, most of those are general progress towards other things, like the Synthesis Moogle. (Credit to Dragonith for the sprite). Unfortunately, the Moogle doesn't actually synthesize anything yet, as I was just testing the interface. You may notice that the category icons are all on one side, that will be fixed soon, either by manually moving them, or just adding more categories.
    Oh, and one last thing. I also added a Hylotl themed Kamidana (House Shrine). I know it has absolutely nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts, but unless I start making other original furniture (in which case I'll put them all in their own mod), it's here to stay, so feel free to place it in your japanese-styled home, if you have one.
    But with that, I'm off.
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